what is the process of use sublimation ink Put sublimation ink on special paper by heating. In the shortest possible […]
Print head is a part of the printer, firstly, printer installed new print head must to test. These are the […]
It’s a very happy thing to have your favorite design on the cup, but how to transfer cup easily? This […]
La mala calidad de impresión por sublimación tiene un impacto directo en la calidad del producto. En términos generales, la […]
Dye Sublimation paper have 3 layers, the first one is functional coating. It can absorb ink and separate dyes. Beside, in […]
sublimation printing
  Dye sublimation printing relies on the use of modern polymer- based synthetic fabrics for the chemical bonding process. When heat […]
In the process of  transfer printing, chromatic aberration is more prominent. Generally speaking, chromatic aberration mainly in the following situations: 1. There […]
La impresión por sublimación se ha convertido en una parte integral de las personas. En términos generales, ahora si la […]