The cleaning fluid is inseparable from the use of the inkjet printer. The cleaning fluid is a kind of “detergent” […]
There are some common accessories in inkjet printers such as print head, ink cartridges, ink mats, ink stacks, ink sacs, scrapers, motors, copper sleeves, etc. These are the accessories in inkjet printers that we often use and see. Many failure of inkjet printers is easy to happen on these small accessories. As long as we are familiar with it to understand their functions and roles, we can easily find the cause and solve the problems encountered in inkjet printer printing. 1. The print head. The print head is a very important part in the inkjet printer. The quality of the print head […]
For inkjet printers, a good bottle of ink completely affects the quality of the  printed image of the inkjet printer. For […]
Whether at home or outside, advertising has been perfectly integrated into our daily lives. Especially outdoor advertising has become a […]
Inkjet printer is a commonly used inkjet printing device for advertising inkjet printing. In the process of inkjet printing and […]
Most customers will encounter some emergencies when using inkjet printers, especially valuable items such as print heads. What do you do when […]
In the printing process of inkjet printers, the controllability of ink dots directly affects the effect of the image. Therefore, […]
The display and promotion of commodity advertisements is the marketing method used by shopping malls. And the inkjet printers can realize […]