sublimation printing
  Dye sublimation printing is done by sublimating ink causing it to become a gaseous dye that permanently stains polyester […]
Slitter is an automatic die-cutting machine supporting products, this machine is suitable for narrow paper slitting. It has automatic meter, […]
Dye sublimation is a popular t-shirt printing technique. It’s an easy and economical way to print any content, including images, […]
Most of us are not that familiar with large format printers. That is because we do not typically find large-format […]
Heat transfer clothes is the main products in heat transfer industry, but the heat transfer clothes will also appear faded. […]
A functional heat press is a profitable heat press. it is a possibility that you encountered some troubles when using […]
Do you know why the instruction manual that comes with sublimation transfer papers also specifies the humidity levels it should […]
Dye sublimation ink is an essential consumable for sublimation printing. Knowing how to store it properly is vital if you […]