DTG means a printing technology that can print on the garment directly. Compared with other printing methods, this is a […]
   What will influence the quality of the sublimation printing?Here are some common reasons.    1. Temperature and time    The sublimation transfer […]
   With the development of sublimation paper, manufacturers have developed more and more sublimation paper we don’t have before. As we […]
   UV printers are sophisticated machines, so what factors affect the printing result? These five factors we have to be noted. […]
   Transfer paper has been developing in the direction of better quality, wider width and lower weight. At the same time, […]
3.2m sublimation paper
  Dye-sublimation printing is the good digital printing technology for polyester and other synthetic fabrics and media. Today we will introduce […]
Mimaki UJF-A3HG printer
  The high head gap Mimaki UJF-A3HG is suitable for commercial printers, promotional products companies and signmakers – as well as […]
As most of you know, there are lots of unique ways to create printed tees. And while many of them […]