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   Sublimation paper has the printing side, do you know it? Many customers told me that their printing quality is poor, […]
   Indoor and outdoor advertising is very common nowadays, it is an effective way to introduce the company to customers. Banner […]
   When it comes to t-shirt printing, there are many equipment, and the most common devices are DTG printer and sublimation […]
   What determine the quality of the sublimation paper? It is the coating. The better coating usually means higher quality sublimation […]
sublimation printing
  Choosing a good sublimation paper is extremely important for successful sublimation printing. Many people overlook the importance of sublimation paper […]
sublimation printing
  Generally speaking, dye-sublimation refers to a process during which solid particles change into a gaseous state, without becoming a liquid. […]
   Sublimation printing is widely used in sportswear industrial.People who don’t familiar with garment industrial may interested in the process of […]