Putting favourite images on clothes has become a popular trend as a way to spruce up otherwise simple articles of […]
dye sublimation ink
Know More About Changing Dye Sublimation Ink(2) Changing dye sublimation ink could be a messy organization. Nevertheless, it does not […]
sublimation ink
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Nanjing is raining now. The rain not only brings inconvenience to people’s lives, but also brings trouble to the advertisement […]
Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper For Sublimation Apprarel Printing Heat transfers Customizing apparel is a profitable business There is a great […]
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The phenomenon of ink drop is that the large format inkjet printer has ink droplets dripping on the output medium […]
How Dye Sublimation Paper Is Useful In Digital Printing       Dye sublimation paper could be the most superior […]
Textile printing is one of the largest areas of growth in the industrial sector. However, when it comes to the […]