The blanket of calender heat press machine is very important in the process of digital printing. The quality of the […]
Digital sublimation printing is a technology used for printing fabrics, like polyester, spandex…and so on. Do you what will influence […]
Most dye sublimation printer use a smart chip to keep track of the ink level in your cartridge. Some clients […]
Sublimation transfer printing is a printing process, which has been introduced from abroad for more than 10 years, but now […]
As we all known, the transfer rate of digital sublimation paper decides the sharpness and the color of textile. So […]
sublimation ink
How Does Sublimation Dye Ink Work On Textile Fabric comes in many different properties such as natural fibers, 100% synthetic, […]
In the market, there are two different quality sublimation paper: the high quality one and the economic one. One of […]
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