Digital textile paper, as know as sublimation paper. With a special thermal transfer ink to print a variety of patterns in […]
Even if we follow all the tips perfectly, we might have issues getting the best results on our first couple […]
In large-format inkjet printing, the application of wide format dye sublimation printer is very extensive. We have different width models, […]
How To Use Sublimation Ink Creatively? Unlike other inks in its category, dye sublimation ink is a high-quality material used […]
When it comes to choosing the right options for everything from t-shirt designs to printing graphics on your coffee mugs, […]
During the sublimation process, heat treatment takes place where the dye is transferred from the ribbon to a particular surface. […]
Digital sublimation printer electrostatic interference phenomenon is common to encounter, Static electricity has a great influence on the sublimation printer. […]
dye sublimation fabric
    While digital sublimation printing makes it easier than ever to put your imagination into fabric, it also has […]