The Application Of Dye-sublimation Transfer Paper Digital Sublimation Transfer Paper is a kind of paper that is used to transfer […]
Juzgar el efecto del papel de transferencia de calor digital – tasa de transferencia Papel de transferencia de calor digital, […]
As we all know, one of the biggest advantages of dye sublimation ink is the durability of the print. It […]
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Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ – the most important event in human history (along with the rest of […]
The human body doesn’t work without the heart, lungs, and brain, and a heat press calender doesn’t work without all […]
The introduction of moisture into the sublimation printing process can cause unwanted results. During production with a heat press operating […]
Do you know how does sublimation paper printing on nylon fabric?Sublimation printing transfer mainly transfer onto polyester, or nature fiber […]