inkjet sublimation paper
  When it comes to printing fabric, dye sublimation paper printing are unparalleled in efficiency, cost-savings, and in producing a […]
sublimation paper
    Digital sublimation paper is produced in various thicknesses and widths. Formed in two parts as base paper and coating […]
DTG printing is a more sustainable fashion business model than screen printing. Mainly because printing one-offs allows businesses to avoid overproduction and […]
Direct-to-garment printing offers extensive color options, and you can easily print detailed designs and photorealistic images. 1. Smaller runs and […]
As the name implies, direct to garment (DTG printing) uses ink to print directly onto the fabric or item of […]
The print head is an indispensable carrier for digital printing production, but the operation is not good, the print head […]
DTG printing involves the use of a digital printer to apply ink directly onto the fabric of the apparel you’re […]
inkjet sublimation printer
  A digital sublimation machine can only perform well when it is placed in a production hall with constant conditions. […]