5 Common Malfunctions and Solutions of Ink Cartridges

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5 Common Malfunctions and Solutions of Ink Cartridges

The ink cartridge is an ink-storage accessory in an inkjet printer device. If the
cartridge fails, the device will not work properly. After sorting, there are several
kinds of common ink cartridge malfunctions. If you encounter the similar
ink cartridgesituations below, you can refer to the following methods to solve them.

1.Leaking ink: When a new ink cartridge is on the machine, the ink leaks out of the ink jet hole. It will pollute the inkjet printerand easy to burn the main board. This situation is the quality of the cartridge case and we should replace the ink cartridge immediately.

2. Long time transport and storage in high temperature or low temperature environment is one of the main reasons for ink cartridges to spoil or not to ink out. It is necessary to use it at room temperature for a period of time before using. Otherwise, it may not be able to spray ink.

3. The picture is rough, not delicate or smooth.The reasons below:
1) The output medium is poor and the ink is easy to penetrate.
2) The set resolution is low. It reduces the print quality while increasing the speed.
3) Disconnect: After confirming by nozzle inspection, we can clean once or twice to eliminate it.

ink leakage

4. After the new ink cartridge is installed, it displays no ink or print pages. The reasons below:
1) The ink cartridge is not installed properly or the cartridge case is not returned to the sensor cartridge. It is necessary to reinstall or manually reset the shrapnel.
2) The metal sheet in the inkjet printer’s nozzle is aging or loose, causing poor contact. We recommend to send it to the maintenance station for repair.
3) The ink cartridge is not changed according to the prescribed procedures. You need to replace the ink cartridges according to the prescribed procedures.
4) If we still can’t resolve this situation, it is very likely that the printer’s electronic memory is faulty. You need to delete the printer driver, reinstall the driver and remove the cartridge again to reinstall the cartridge as described above.

5. The nozzle blockage is mainly due to the fact that doesn’t return to the protective cover or load the new ink cartridge in time. It results in exposing the print head to
the air for too long. The ink remaining in it is blocked due to air drying. We can improve this situation by the cleaning function that clean the inkjet printer itself. If the blockage is serious, it can only professionally clean it or scrap.

sublimation ink

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