About Us

who we are
SUBLISTAR which is subordinate to FeiYue Digital Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer and distributor of sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories. sublistar® serves customers all over the world. The product portfolio ranges from digital sublimation transfer paper, digital inkjet inks, digital printers to heat press calenders. Thanks to our focus on the development of sublimation printing applications,  sublistar® remains a leading company in the sublimation printing industry.


what we doWhat We Do?  Heat transfer printing, we use this technique, printing patterns on the clothes, flags, mugs, signs and ot her objects. Dye Sublimation, as a process is really very simple. It is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure.

If you want to print on sports apparel, sign & display, license, mugs and other popular textile or hard surface items then Dye Sublimation printing is the answer!

SUBLISTAR can help you in many ways. We make it easy and fast for you to get your business up and running and ready for growth!

SUBLISTAR, Inc. has been recognized for over 10 years as one of the highest quality and largest suppliers of sublimation printing materials & equipments in China.

We work hard and standard, accurate, profession, and responsibility. Take care of every client feedback and gather. Not only selling, but also do service to our customers.

We believe that our longevity and growth are due to our commitment to continuously provide the highest level of technical support, customer service, product selection, with the highest quality manufacturers all at competitive prices.

We realizes that excellent customer service and positive relations with customers is the key to the success. Toward this end, Sublistar  team will provide excellent goods with superior customer service for you. Contact us today for more information.