What Is The Accuracy Rate Of Sublimation Paper Print Color?

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What Is The Accuracy Rate Of Sublimation Paper Print Color?

What Is The Accuracy Rate Of Sublimation Paper Print Color?


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Are you wonder whether our paper can print out colours as artwork exactly?
The answer is “Close, the transfer rate can be over 95%, but not very likely to be exact.”

There are too many factors involved, such as media type, colour range/settings, shifting.

Media type – If your artwork was created on paper/canvas and was later photographed or scanned for digital printing, the camera/scanner/monitor/lighting output is already affecting your artwork. Same goes for artwork created on computers; What you see on a digital screen is hard to reproduce exactly on a different medium. Furthermore, printing on paper and printing on fabric results in different outputs because of surface, material, and printing variations.

heat transfer printingColour range/settings – Inks and printers have a range of colours they can output, which is also known as the colour gamut. Like how there are some colours that are out of the colour gamut on your monitor, there are some out of the printers’ range as well. Therefore, colours out of gamut on the printer will be printed to the closest colour it can produce.

Shifting – When the fabric shifts, the print will look like it has a slight shadow, more evident on areas with darker colours. We try our best to prevent it, but it is a natural printing variation. To ensure that the colours print as close as possible, please make sure your file’s colour profile is in CMYK for CMYK printing and have a sample printed first. We also recommend printing a colour chart so you can easily use it as a guide to predict final approximate colour output on a particular fabric.


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