Why Adhesive Sublimation Paper Cannot quicker Dry Than Regular One?

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Why Adhesive Sublimation Paper Cannot quicker Dry Than Regular One?

Why Adhesive Sublimation Paper Cannot quicker Dry Than Regular One?

self adhesive transfer paperSticky sublimation paper could be quite sublimation paper, and therefore the main distinction between the conventional sublimation paper is that it’s a sticky coating layer. The sticky coating will adhere to the textiles terribly firmly, and it will facilitate the paper and textiles not moving throughout the sublimation printing, then avoid the “ghosting” drawback.

Adhesive sublimation paper is principally applied to stretch materials like Lycra, polyester with spandex、polyester with cotton(<30%). There square measure several blessings of sticky sublimation paper, like high transfer rate, sensible drying time, sharp text and fine lines as there’s no movement between paper and material. however many of us square measure perplexed one drawback that why the sticky/tacky sublimation paper dries slower than regular sublimation paper, although the sticky paper is quick-dry kind still. This doesn’t mean the sticky paper has quality issues.

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The coating of the sticky sublimation paper is the main issue that will influence the speed of drying. The coating of sticky sublimation paper is principally created of high molecular chemical compounds. completely different from the quick dry sublimation paper, this type of coating is water-based, that the sticky sublimation paper wants longer drying time. And there’s one issue that you just ought to know: the upper tat is, the slower the paper dries. you ought to opt for an appropriate sticky paper rather than higher sticky paper.
Different factories and customers have completely different needs for the sticky sublimation paper. a number of them pay additional attention to the tat of the paper, as a result of they simply need high sticky paper, and don’t care regarding the drying speed. however some factories and customers simply place a bit sticky coating onto the paper to enhance some performance of the regular paper.

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