What Are The Advantages Of UV Flatbed Printer?

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What Are The Advantages Of UV Flatbed Printer?

Digital UV flatbed printer has been applied in countless industries for many years. But it is still strange for many people. Why we choose UV flatbed printer for our business? What advantages it has? There are three reasons about this.

1.UV flatbed printer is easy to operate

With UV digital inkjet flatbed printers, operators are free from the complicated work about plate making, printing down and chromatography, without using a variety of tools of heat transfer or screen printing. What you need is just a computer and a digital UV flatbed printing machine, which is time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving. The product can be finished after UV print finishing.

UV flatbed printer

2.UV flatbed printing machine has a good compatibility

It can not only print on flexible materials, such as textile, leather, but also has a capacity of rigid substrates printing, for example glass. A flatbed printer can print on both inorganic and organism, completely ignoring the dependence of printing supplies, to meet the diverse needs of the market and provide more comprehensive services.

3.UV flatbed printer delivers high quality printing

UV flatbed printerFlatbed printer is directly connected to computer to be precisely digital controlled, no printing position offset problems. Further, it has the capacity of multicolored printing once and for all, avoiding artificial chromatic counterpoint. While incorporating engraving and etching, the effect is better.

Generally, screen printing is hard to embody all color transitions but show clear boundaries, while UV flatbed printing machine breaking this bottleneck fundamentally with 6 colors. In some case, digital UV flatbed printer can replace screen printing. It can color print onto a variety of materials ( such as glass, soft film, metal panel, plastic, etc ) with the characteristics of high print resolution and fast speed printing.

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