Analysis Process Of Direct To Cotton Fabric Printer

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Analysis Process Of Direct To Cotton Fabric Printer

What Is The Direct To Cotton Fabric Printer

Direct to cotton fabric printer to achieve dark clothing printing, the method is to use white ink for primer, and then color printing. For white ink, it require a special pre-treatment of the garments before printing. After printing is complete, the printer uses a textile-grade pigmented ink and needs to hot-pressed or oven-cured.

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The Effect Of The Direct To Cotton Fabric Printer

1. This printer need pure cotton material. At same time, its compatible with other popular fabrics.

2.No plate, this printer printing fast and low cost, available a variety of output software to support a variety of file formats.

3. Equipped with professional color management software. Meanwhile, you can change the color at anytime and no extra cost.


4. One step to complete the operation. The process meet the demand of the fast sample and finished products.

5. Printing large quantities from the unit price can be supporting template printing, saving time and improve efficiency.

6.Just 30 minutes to master and without professional skills.

The problems need to attention

1.If you want matching t-shirt printing, you should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the conduction band.

cotton material

2. If you want to pursuit high added value, you can choose cut pieces or garment printing.

3. If it is to save the process, it is recommended to choose paint inks, without going through water, steaming and other steps.

4. If you want to produce vivid clothing printing, it is recommended to choose the active ink, but the production process is complicated.

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