Application Of Digital Textile Printing In Household Textiles

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Application Of Digital Textile Printing In Household Textiles

Application Of Digital Textile Printing In Household Textiles

textile printingWith the beginning of the 20th Century, Screen Printing was introduced. Screen printing includes a stencil of images, each of different color, attached on a screen (usually made of silk). Then, ink is pushed on the screen with the help of rollers. This stencil technique covers a wide range of designs to be printed on the fabric. The stencil is the heart of screen printing as it is the source of imprinted designs.

After this, the most popular printing technique came into force. Digital Textile Printing, especially sublimation digital printing, the use of digital media for images, the versatility of physical material on which printing is to be done, speed, accuracy, and flexibility has made this printing completely different from traditional textile printing. This is the reason why Digital Printing is considered to be the next generation printing technique.

dye sublimation printing Household textiles , frequently referred to as soft furnishings, are fabrics used in the home. Used for Sublimation Textile Printing. They include items frequently classified as linens, such as bath and dish towels, table linens, shower curtains, and bathroom ensembles. Related items include sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, blankets, comforters, and bedspreads. In addition, textile products contributing to the atmosphere and comfort of the home include rugs and carpeting, draperies, curtains, and upholstery fabrics.

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