Application Of Roll Press Machine For Heat Transfer Printing

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Application Of Roll Press Machine For Heat Transfer Printing

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Application Of Roll Press Machine For Heat Transfer Printing

heat press transfer machineNowadays, in the printing industry, science and technological know-how are becoming greater and greater new, and people’s innovation potential is also increasing. More printing machines and tools have perfectly met the hot demand of the contemporary market, and the sublimation roll heat press is one of the printing equipment that comes into being with the trend.

The manner of the use of roller heat press machine:
Turn on the air switch, press the primary power button, the purple indicator mild is on, turn on the heating transfer, the inexperienced mild of the temperature controller is on, and the unit starts offevolved to heat up.

The temperature setting of oil rotary drum sublimation press machine

1. Check the dialing code placing before starting every time to stop humans from placing too excessive and burning the blanket.

2. Set the wide variety of the dialer under the temperature controller to 250 ranges Celsius, and the small inexperienced light will start to robotically manage the temperature.

3. When the temperature display reaches about 250 stages Celsius, the pink light shows that the working temperature has reached the transfer speed.

4. Turn on the motor switch, turn it to the head rotation, and slowly turn the pace manipulate knob from left to proper to the terrific speed.

5. If the temperature is too low in the course of transfer, set the temperature to be higher, and vice versa.Roll type heat transfer machine

Power off processing: In order to make certain the switch of the completed product, please turn the motor belt pulley after electricity off, at this time can nonetheless transfer, the impact is the same (note the pace ought to be consistent).

In order to make certain the service lifestyles of the transfer blanket, please alter the dialer to ninety-five stages Celsius after every transfer, and the computer will continue to rotate until the show temperature drops under one hundred degrees Celsius.

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