Fashion Textile:

Through research and development dispersed dyes can now be used in high speed industrial capacity printers. This has reduced the cost of digital printing to the level of traditional printing methods. Now clients can reap the benefit of a faster turn- around without the high cost.

The fashion industry is all about the trend.
Let’s say that a designer introduces five different prints for the upcoming season. Shortly into the season only one or two pints are selling while the others are not doing so well. With the new high speed printers, adjustments in productions can be made quickly and without additional cost.

fashion textile fashion textile

fashion textile fashion textile

Heat Sublimation Transfer can make the printing process more quickly and its color has higher saturation. So factories often choose this kind of machine to improve their efficiency.

There are some tips for you:

  1. Sublimation heat transfer printing textile related to the products are: clothing, bags, socks, scarves, aprons, ribbon, tie etc..
  2. The optimum composition of pure polyester. In addition, followed by: adding a small amount of cotton polyester cotton, nylon, polyester spandex, and so on.
  3. The most suitable fabric varieties: satin cloth, non-woven fabric, containing less than 20% of the amount of cotton polyester cotton cloth, towel cloth etc..
  4. Tips: cotton, pure nylon or woolen sweater and other hair fabrics are not suitable for sublimation heat transfer, which is also a difficult problem in the world today, and it is up to us to conquer.
  5. Some patterns are more complex, if you can not judge what is done, and can not find the matching printing factory. You can come to us for advice.We will communicate with you in detail. Due to equipment limitations can not be done, we will also truthfully explain and give you advice.

Our specialty is to offer “one-stop sublimation printing solution”.

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