Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing on Hard Substrates

Hard Substrates

With the improvement of living standards, people in the gifts or jewelry, not only requires the overall beauty, but also hope that through personalized customization of these items they can show personal interests and hobbies. What is produced on the assembly line is far from meeting the demand especially for young people, the most interesting thing can show their creativity and must have their direct participation in the design. Heat sublimation transfer technology, compared with other technologies, eliminates the process of plate making, on-site printing, access immediately.

The printing industry on hard substrates is booming. For example, nameplate, cups, dishes, photo frames, lithographs.

  Hard Substrates

   Cups, saucers, and bowls are products of high temperature. We generally choose high temperature on printing, not easy water-soluble, and health products. Heat sublimation transfer printing technology meets this requirement, and it has the advantages of simple printing and various printing patterns.

Beautiful patterns can increase appetite. Exquisite prints and designs can be used as gifts to friends and family. A custom designed gift is more meaningful.

Heat sublimation transfer printing on hard substrates has the following advantages:

  1. A wide range of advertising: most of the small items can be printed, and some can be used as promotional items or gifts to customers. The price is cheap, but also publicity.
  2. The use of high frequency: their favorite or meaningful patterns printed on the side of the object, the use of frequency will be higher, and they will not waste.
  3. For many people: heat transfer of goods can be used as a gift, their own design or printed meaningful pictures on Hard Substrates are very suitable as a gifts.

Our company offers a full range of printing equipment, including: inkjet printer, sublimation transfer paper, dye sublimation ink and heat transfer machine.

Our characteristic is “one-stop sublimation printing solution”, as far as possible to make customers more convenient and save worry.

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