Are You Familiar with CISS?

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Are You Familiar with CISS?

   When it comes to CISS, many people may ask what it is, even some of them  working with an inkjet printer for a long time. Now, we will have a brief introduction of this ink supply system.CISS of Mimaki

   As we all know the ink cartridges of the inkjet printer is not big, so you need to change the ink tank frequently. And another headache problem is that every cartridge replacement is usually automatically followed by head-cleaning cycle of the printer to remove air bubbles from system, further reducing usable ink amount. It means replace the ink cartridge will waste a lot of ink. In order to solve these problems, CISS has been developed.

   CISS, continuous ink supply system. It delivers a large volume of liquid ink to a comparatively small inkjet print head. With this system, the printing capacity can be increased a lot. So many printers will incorporate a continuous ink system in their design.CISS for Mimaki JV150

   The CISS has 2 types: original CISS and replacement CISS.Some printers like Mimaki has it’s original CISS, but some printers don’t have. If you think you need CISS, but can’t find the original one. You can select the replacement CISS.

   If you are interested in CISS,and don’t know whether your printer suitable for this system or not, please kindly contact us.

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