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dye sublimation machine

Sublimation Printing—Sustainability within the industry

Sublimation Printing—Sustainability within the industry

digital textile printingDye-Sublimation is the simplest type of learning style on polyester-based garments. the result of the planning is icon quality and really easy to try and do. All you’d want is that the garment, sublimation paper, and dye-sublimation ink.
How the printing works is through the method of sublimation. Sublimation is that the natural process of turning a solid into a gas while not it changing into a liquid 1st. therefore with dye-sublimation, it’s primarily turning the ink into a gas, fuse it with a compound then flip it into a solid.

So the method starts with shopping for the required instrumentality and package you see on the image. Once you’ve got uploaded the image to the sublimation printer, you place your garment in it and print the image. Then you’re taking the garment and place it within the heat transfer machine and warmth press the garment coated with the sublimation paper. This turns the ink that was written onto the garment into a gas then it fuses with the garment and becomes a solid yet again. As you see, the downfall to the present method is that the ink will solely fuse to polymers, which means solely synthetics. therefore you’ll not print on clothes that are created with natural fibers, like 100 percent cotton shirts. however, you’ll use it on a poly/cotton mix.heat transfer printing
Also, it’s terribly tough to print on dark colored shirts. However, it’s a doable mistreatment dye-sub dark. Dye-sub dark could be a polymer transfer sheet that’s white one color and once the planning is written onto it, it’s heat transferred to the garment. This method is not that nice compared to the usual method of dye-sublimation. the rationale being that over time, through multiple washes, the planning starts to fade and crack. therefore the neatest thing to try and do is print on lighter color clothes.
What’s conjointly superb regarding dye-sublimation is it is not only for attire. you’ll much know about something (made of artificial materials). tons of merchandise created for stigmatization, like occasional mugs, pens, bags, etc. are often written on fairly straightforward and for reasons too!

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Why Should We Clean the Print Head of A Large Format Inkjet Printer?

As we all know, we need to clean the print head of a large format inkjet printer. But, why? Today’s article will show you the answer. 🙂

large format inkjet printer

digital inkjet printer Since digital inkjet printer is working, the ink dots will be partially on the identification carrier, and some will be recycled by the recycling system. There are also many scattered spots on the print head. In addition, each time the large format digital printer is turned on or off, the first drop of ink or the last drop of ink ejected from the print head may be because the ink circulation system is not in a normal state, and it cannot accurately reach the identification carrier or the recycling system. Causing printhead to be clogged, if it is serious, it may cause damage to it. When it is clogged, the print quality will be greatly reduced. There will be lines or other problems in the printing so that the image effect cannot be restored perfectly. Therefore, in order to make the printing effect better, it is necessary to clean the print head and it can achieve a more perfect effect.

dye sublimation printer On the other hand, if the print head is not cleaned, such as impurities, the large format inkjet printer will inhale a large amount of dust during the work, and adhere to the ink, including some impurities in the air, so that it enters the ink circulation system, it may be Chemical or physical changes in the ink, resulting in some particulate matter, causing the ink to precipitate, causing blockage of the pipe and nozzle, especially the use of oily ink, the maintenance of the digital printer after the completion of the work, including nozzle cleaning, etc. It can effectively keep the print head clear, the inkjet is smooth and not blocked so that the printed image is clearer, the wireless strip or the ink is not discharged.

Therefore, the cleaning of the print head is a necessary work for the maintenance of the printer. Whether it is a large format printer or other desktop inkjet printers, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the print head and the cleaning of it.

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How To Improve Sublimation Textile Printing?

How To Improve Sublimation Textile Printing?

digital printing

How To Improve Sublimation Textile Printing? we’ve to pay a lot of attention to some points as below:

(A)Sublimation ink:

Sublimation transfer ink is that the key material of sublimation transfer technology principally by disperse dyes, connecting materials, solvents and a tiny low quantity of additives. Dyes ought to have sensible sublimation exchangeability and porousness. And reached an explicit degree of fastness indicators, mass of 230 ~ 380, sublimation temperature of one hundred eighty ℃ ~ 240 ℃ unremarkably used transfer printing dyes ar anthraquinone dyes, group dyes, and ion dyes then on.

The association material to the dye with a tiny low affinity, simple to unharness dye gas, and also the applicable printability, preservation and thermal transferability, unremarkably utilized in the association material for the low viscousness of alkyl polysaccharide, alkyl polysaccharide (EHEC), long oil changed synthetic resin than on. unremarkably used solvents are turpentine, terpineol, high boiling alkanol, alkane, cellosolve then on.

(B) Temperature and time

The sublimation transfer method needs temperature management within the vary of one hundred eighty ℃ ~ 230 ℃, the time is concerning ten ~ 30s, whereas listening to the affordable allocation of temperature and time.

(C) Pressure

Pressure is additionally one in every of the necessary parameters of the sublimation transfer method. for instance, if the pressure is just too tiny, the gap between the material and also the paper is giant, the yarn is spherical, the ink gas molecules impinge on the air and escape, leading to poor printing result, whereas the ink is additionally simple Infiltration, lines thicker, exploit the pattern, pattern blurred, visual effects worse.If the pressure is suitable, the yarn is flat and also the paper between the gap between the suitable paper, the transfer coloring result is sweet, clear lines, swish lines Fine: If the pressure is just too giant, it’s simple to supply deformation, fluff and serious material morphological changes and different problems, leading to rough and color rendering and different shortcomings. Therefore, the management of the transfer pressure on the written pattern, clear pattern, visual effects are terribly essential.heat transfer printing

(D) others

In addition to ink, temperature, time and pressure can have an effect on the standard of sublimation transfer printing, the particular production method there are some things ought to have our attention. First of all, the selection of paper, stable quality, high believability of the provider is that the initial alternative for printing enterprises, during this regard, Our company has become the primary alternative for several enterprises, word of mouth is clear to all or any.

Secondly, it’s necessary to understand that the colour of the dye ink before the transfer (the pattern on the paper before heating and pressing) and when the transfer (the pattern transferred to the fabric) is incredibly totally different, and also the general dye ink appearance Dark and uninteresting, hoping on concerning two hundred ℃ heat to revive true color, so the assembly of pre-production proofing is critical.

Finally, the thermal transfer, to make sure that the new pressing surface, paper and substrate surface shortly close, there’s no gap, otherwise, there is also transfer graphics blurred development.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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