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CISS, Good Assistant of Your Inkjet Printer

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CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System), a method for delivering a large volume of liquid ink to a comparatively small inkjet print head. We all know that the original sublimation ink like Epson original ink and Mimaki original ink are very expensive, so many customers would like to choose the replacement ink. But before using the replacement ink, we usually suggest them install the CISS for their printer. Then, what is CISS? Many people don’t know the answer.


How Does CISS Work?
CISS has a number of external tanks that supply ink to the OEM ink cartridges, the number of which depends on how many cartridges a particular printer uses in standard form. At first CISS utilized ink bottles with a supply tube and an air filter. However, this design proved unable to provide a steady flow of ink and the bottles were replaced by vessels utilizing Mariotte’s Bottle principle, which provided the ability to provide a steady flow of ink to the print head regardless of the quantity of ink remaining in the vessel.

The advantages of using CISS
1. Save up to 95% on printing costs (YES, up to 20 times cheaper !) compared with ordinary ink cartridges
2. It is conveniently sold full with the ink equivalent of up to 28 sets of ordinary ink cartridges, and you will not refill it for a (very) long time
3. The printing quality is similar to that obtained from using ordinary cartridges.

One question for CISS is that not all inkjet printers can install it. If you are interested in this system, please tell us the model name of your printer, and we will help you check.


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¿Cómo restablecer el cartucho de tinta de Epson con la herramienta de restablecimiento?

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Hay muchas personas que utilizan impresoras Epson en todo el mundo. Hoy, le mostraremos cómo restablecer el cartucho de tinta con la herramienta Epson chip RESET. Esta herramienta es una pequeña pieza de plástico que se ajusta al cartucho, no sólo se utiliza para permitir a los consumidores a rellenar los cartuchos, pero también puede permitir que los cartuchos se utilizan hasta que realmente vacío. Aquí están los pasos.

cartucho de tinta

Paso 1: quitar el cartucho de tinta de la impresora Epson.

Paso 2: alineación del cartucho y las marcas en la base de la herramienta de restablecimiento.

Paso 3: Presione los pernos de la herramienta de restablecimiento firmemente contra los contactos del chip en el cartucho durante varios segundos. Una luz roja intermitente indicará que hay un contacto sólido entre el cartucho y el dispositivo.

Paso 4: Mantenga la herramienta presionada contra el cartucho hasta que el LED verde de la herramienta se ilumine y comience a parpadear. Esto indicará que el cartucho ha sido reseteado.

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Solvent Ink and Eco-solvent Ink, Which One Is Suitable for You?

For solvent ink and eco-solvent ink, many people don;t know the differences between them, so they don’t know how to choose. Today, we will show you the differences between the them.

eco-solvent ink

Solvent printing Eco-solvent printing
Generally cheaper Generally more expensive
Used for outdoor applications like hoardings, banners, shop boards Used for indoor applications for store and point of sale branding, posters, interior design, etc.
Exudes a smell of solvent No smell
Of a lower resolution. Hoardings are viewed from a distance Very high resolution meant for close distance viewing
Used for large images and fonts To be used where the document contains hi-res photos, diagrams with a lot of detailing and small fonts
Is rain water and sunlight resistant Lamination is recommended if the print is to be displayed outdoors
Needs to be stretched on a wood or metal frame, or strung up with eyelets Can be pasted directly on walls, glass, laminates or a 3 / 5 mm sun board
Used for short lived promotional campaigns Used for more permanent applications


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