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Why Sublimation Transfer Printing is So Popular?

Sublimation transfer printing is a printing process, which has been introduced from abroad for more than 10 years, but now it has become one of the most popular printing processes in our country. Do you know why?sublimation transfer printing


Dye sublimation printing doesn’t need any steps of plate making, printing and repetition, neither need any kinds of tools and materials of screen printing and transfer printing. We only need to prepare a sublimation printer. The operator can be completely independent of the printing operation, so sublimation printing can save manpower and material resources. Additionally, this way is simple and equal, the operator doesn’t need to have too much experience, because the software is very easy to learn and operate.

digital sublimation printing 2.Avoid Damage
Digital sublimation printing can be printed not only on stone, metal, glass and so on, and also on soft materials such as leather, cloth and cotton. Sublimation Printing can be printed on inorganic materials, complex and varied organic compounds. And it can avoid damage of transferring to leather, cloth, cotton and other organic materials. It caters to the diversified needs of the market and can provide clients more comprehensive production services.

sublimation printing 3.Avoid Deviation
The problem of position offset encountered in manual printing is avoided.The printer no longer follows the traditional printing mode and method. It is no longer the simple manual operation and handicraft printing in the past. It has a better combination of computer synthesis and self-control technology with high technical content.
It can precisely target the area and position of the required printing and avoid the position of manual printing. The problem of placing offset. Because it is multi-color printing at once, there will be no color matching problem. These advantages can also be a very effective combination of carving and etching, a beautiful picture in the engraved area, or a precise etching after sublimation printing, and good breakthroughs in the carving industry.

So, compared to the traditional printing process, the sublimation transfer printing is rich in pattern, colorful, colorful, varied, with small color difference and good reproducibility. It can meet the requirements of the design designer and is chosen by the vast number of printing technologists.In this way, the scope of application and the operation of transfer printing are greatly improved and more convenient.

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How to Compare the Transfer Rate of Digital Sublimation Paper?

As we all known, the transfer rate of digital sublimation paper decides the sharpness and the color of textile. So we need to choose high transfer rate sublimation paper if we want to get good product. However, do you know how to compare the transfer rate of digital sublimation paper? I hope this article will help you. 🙂

digital sublimation paper


Customers when judging transfer rates of digital sublimation paper can be a “parallel experiment”, the method is to take you need to compare several kinds of inkjet sublimation paper with double-sided tape together side by side, then on the printer to print together lateral 2cm wide strip CMYK color piece, again after 1 hour together on the same fabric, such as thermal sublimation transfer printing at the same time, high concentrations of cloth color or color less high transfer rate remains on sublimation transfer paper.

sublimation transfer paper(1) To select the same type of sublimation heat transfer paper, such as the Sublistar or Feiyue factory: each type high weight sublimation paper – low weight sublimation paper – sticky sublimation paper – industrial heat transfer sublimation paper (jumbo roll, mini jumbo roll, 3.2 meters of the sublimation paper)

(2) Do not only focus on the transfer rate, but also take into account the drying speed and smoothness of printing, without smooth printing, the transfer is meaningless.

sublimation paperOur sublimation transfer paper which transfer on all kinds of polyester textiles materials(soft and hard substrates). Which is superior quality for digital printing for sportswear, blankets, curtains, wider wall covers, tents, banner, flag, skis and snowboards.

To ensure the smoothness of the paper, we coated with three times. Pre-coated before coating the liquid, and also back coating. Paper will never curled when printing.

More transfer printing paper problem, long-term concern, bring you more digital printing transfer related knowledge and skills. Any question or need, please contact us. Our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading.

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sublimation ink

How Does Sublimation Dye Ink Work On Textile

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How Does Sublimation Dye Ink Work On Textile

Fabric comes in many different properties such as natural fibers, 100% synthetic, blends of synthetic and natural fibers and in either 2 or 4 way stretch or non-stretch. Each fabric can be digitally printed and you have choices of ink that allow you to print on these fabrics. Many of our customers print natural fiber, non-coated fabrics with our P50i Pigment ink for soft furnishing and fashion applications because of how easy it is to fix after printing. However, some customers use our dye sublimation inks for their synthetic fabrics because of the desired color gamut and how the finished product will be used. (Example: flags and banners, sportswear or soft signage) Knowing your fabric helps define the printing solution.

sublimation dye inksThe biggest question to address when it comes to digital textile printing is what ink to use, and the answer is determined by the desired fabric and use of the fabric. See the chart below for a general description of what ink is used on different types of fabrics and the necessary finishing steps for each ink.

Pigment ink – Natural and Synthetic fibers: Currently the ink we manufacture the most for soft furnishings, interior decoration and fashion clothing is p50i pigment ink. This ink is a true pigment ink in that there is a pigment colored particle suspended within a binder system in the ink. The binder enables the ink to adhere to the fiber after fixation (roll fixation Calendar). There are 8 colors in the ink set including; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, (true) Gray, Orange, Violet and Red. This ink set provides for a good color gamut, though the color gamut is not as wide as is possible with dye-based inks. This ink can also print onto the widest range of fabrics including cotton, silk, rayon, cotton/poly blends, and 100% polyester in a variety of weights. No pre-treatment is necessary however optional pretreats are available that increase the color gamut and also the wash fastness but a specific pretreat machine is required. This is becoming extremely popular as Pigment inks are a greener solution that require no water and specialized fixation, steaming or washing etc in process. And when a printer and pretreat machine are added the results are quite spectacular and favored by architects and designers.

dye sublimation printing

Acid & Reactive ink – Natural Fibers: There are 2 different types of common dye based inks available to digital printers. The dye-based inks require the use of a fabric with a specific pre-treatment. Acid and Reactive inks require moist heat as in steaming for fixation. The advantage of the dye-based inks is the color gamut is wider. A general rule of thumb is that the same type of ink should be used digitally in an application that is printed by screen printing. A softer hand or feel is common along with a better wash fastness because of the nature of the Dye inks. Dye inks penetrate fabrics extremely well but require a lot of processing steps to make it ready for use. Typically pretreating, heat, washing and steaming are employed to fixate fabrics. The equipment required in process is typically industrial and specialized. We recommend Acid and Reactive inks for larger scale operations where the meters printed per hour warrant the capital investment.

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