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How To Choose Suitable Adhesive Degree Sticky Sublimation Paper?

Sticky sublimation paper for elastic fabrics, generally used for sportswear, swimwear, yoga clothes, mountaineering suits and so on with elastic fabric.

Sticky sublimation transfer paper is specially developed for thermal fabric sublimation transfer printing. Adhesive paper is added with binder in the coating. The transfer paper coating can be bonded to the fabric during thermal transfer to avoid heat Transfer of paper and fabric slip and the emergence of the “eye socket” “ghost” and other printed defects.

sticky sublimation paper

High-quality sticky sublimation paper can bring high-quality products, then how to judge the quality of viscous sublimation paper? Mainly from the following three points to judge.

1.The base paper on the fabric starts falling off when you hold the paper up, and you shake the fabric a little. The base paper just fall off, that is the low sticky type.

2.For the medium-sticky type, you can see the electrodes starts falling off after shaking, but it still stick on the fabric.

tacky sublimation paper

3.For fully sticky type, no matter how hard you shake the fabric, the base paper still stick firmly on the fabric even the edges. And when you try to peel the base paper off the fabric, you can see the fabric is a little Stretching.

From the above three points can be seen tacky sublimation paper is divided into three different grades, you can according to their own needs to choose different degrees of sticky sublimation paper.

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What’s The Main Application Of 3.2m Sublimation Paper?

Dye-sublimation printing is the good digital printing technology for polyester and other synthetic fabrics and media. Today we will introduce you our newly 3.2m sublimation paper, generally we produce 3.2m sublimation paper long time ago, but we just produce 100 gram, now we can produce 50gram to 140gram.

3.2m sublimation paper

Now our sublimation transfer paper can transfer synthetic fabric up to 3.2 meters wide. We put this to use mainly for large textile banners and signage especially for high quality exhibition graphics. Soft signage is becoming ever increasingly popular due to the ease of packing and transport. It is light and can be easily folded for packing getting around the need to ship heavy large rolls of media.

The process uses the science of sublimation, in which heat and pressure are applied to a solid, turning it into a gas through an endothermic reaction without passing through the liquid phase. The image is first printed to a special transfer paper. It it then feed through a high pressure roller heat-press which effectively turns the ink in the paper to a gas. The polymer molecules of the polyester or other synthetic fabrics softens under the heat.

Once transferred on the heat-press the printed and transferred fabric goes to our finishing dept. for any finishing that needs to be performed before the textile is delivered and put to work.

large format sublimation paper

Sublimation is terrific Lycra/Spandex and other sportswear fabrics. It is also great for hard wearing upholstery applications custom chairs Sublimation onto synthetics is perfect for inflatables like this delightful castle from Airspace.

In addition, we Feiyue Team offers the equipment in sublimation printing process, such as sublimation paper, sublimation ink, inkjet printer and some other accessories. If you are looking for a sublimation equipment supplier, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you the best quality product at a affordable price.

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Difference Between Single and Dual Printhead Sublimation Printer

Follow with the last article, we introduce you the 3 different between one head and 2 head sublimation printer, today we will share with the following 3 different parts.

Third, printing accuracy. Double heads machine is new to enter the market. However, single head machine is stepping into for many years. Many buyer questioned about the accuracy. Actually, with the development of research and development technology, double headed machine print accuracy improved over single head machines.

sublimation printer

Forth, stability. Single head inkjet sublimation printer is a classic style printer. The stability is evident. However, the stability of the two heads machine is also good, there are also some brands of machines.

Fifth, printing width. Nowadays, a double heads machine can print a larger width. 1.8 meters, 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters, 3.2 meters is full market. Traditional single head machine, the width is generally less than 1.8 meters. In comparison, the double head machine can already be used for printing, and it can be used as a multi purpose machine.

sublimation printing

We FeiYue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories, operating digital printing industry has been more than 10 years experience. After continuous improvement of the product, to ensure product quality can also be profit at the same
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