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Materials That Can Be Sublimated By Dye Sublimation Paper

Dye sublimation is a method of transferring a printed image from paper onto a variety of materials or substrates. Dye sublimation paper is widely used in our life. It can work on textiles, porcelain, porcelain, porcelain, metal and other materials. Today, I will talk about three common materials.

1.Sublimate Substrates

Dye sublimation Paper is always worked on polyester, polymer and polymer coated item. Sublimation dye penetrates the fiber and binds itself to the fabric. These types of materials have pore, which allow for the sublimation dye to enter the materials. The high temperature of the heat press converts the solid dyes directly into gas.

2.White colored Material

White colored material is most popular used surface for sublimation printing and are preferred. Actually, white background provide the ideal contrast and enhances color. White background allows sublimation printing of all kinds of colors. You can do sublimation on blank mugs and all the steps i have mentioned before.

3.For Natural Material

Sublimation Transfer Paper cannot work on 100% cotton materials and best for materials with less than 20% cotton. We offer 2 kinds of dye sublimation paper: Fast Dry Sublimation Paper and Tacky Sublimation Paper. If you want to transfer 100% cotton materials, we have T-shirt Transfer Paper. We provide light transfer paper for light color clothes and dark transfer paper for dark ones. It works well. Some commonly used surface with micro-weaves of polyester on the outside, they can also work with sublimation printing,such as mouse pads, ceramic plates, mugs and so on.

We hope that this article helps resolve any potential issues you run into as you grow and know more about sublimation printing. We are professional sublimation paper and ink manufacturer. We also have large format inkjet printer, heat transfer machine and other accessories for sale. Any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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dye sublimation printer

Introduce You Our Oric TX2020 Wide Format Textile Dye Sublimation Printer


As we know that 1.8m sublimation printer are hot in the printing machine market, but recently we find that there are some customer change inquiry to the 2.0m sublimation printer, thats why? Why they choose 2.0m now, today we will introduce you our new 2.0m dye sublimation printer.

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

Maintenance & Safety

Our 2.0m dye sublimation printer station was designed and assembled with high precision module and selected parts. The station was controlled by a multi-function boards, which can automatically process print head capping; ink suction; print head wrapping. The station ensures a easy maintenance procedure and durable printing.

Larger Capacity Bulk System

A large capacity bulk system was upgraded to take place of cartridges. This system supports a filling on fly which decease the maintenance frequency. Oric TX2020 sublimation printer is applied to different thickness of media because of the carriage height was designed

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

Multi-Heating & Cooling System

Oric TX2020 sublimation printer was designed with multi-heating and cooling system. All the temperature has its individual controller and the infrared heating system is intelligent on and off according to the printing status.

Print Head Anti-Crash System

A special anti-crash system at the side of the carriage is customized to protect print head from any crash damage.

 sublimation printer

sublimation printer

Print Head Height Adjustable

Oric TX2020 sublimation printer is applied to different thickness of media because of the carriage height was designed to be adjustable which is easy to be handled and provide perfect output.2.1


We are professional inkjet printer supplier in China, we have many kinds of inkjet printer like dye sublimation printer, eco-solvent printer, also the UV printer, if you have any needs, pls feel free to contact us!


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Two Useful Tips about Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation printing is an amazing technology: A sublimation printer prints the sublimation ink on a specially coated paper (sublimation paper). The ink dries and turns into a solid. When heat and pressure is applied to the inks on the paper, it quickly turns to gas and is forced into the garment. This process only takes few minute, but when heat is taken away, the gas becomes trapped in the fabrics
permanently. In this post, we will share two useful tip about sublimation. 🙂

dye sublimation printing

Prolong Sublimation Printer life

To ensure a long sublimation transfer printer life span, leave it on at all times. It is a common misconception that this will waste more ink when, in fact, the opposite is true. Leaving the printer on will allow it to perform short maintenance cycles to keep ink flowing and prevent clogged print heads. If you shut the printer down every night, it will do a more extensive, thorough cleaning the next time you turn it on, using a larger amount of ink.

sublimation transfer printer

Use Sublimation Ink or Lose It

A printer’s dye sublimation inks have a shelf life. Leaving them in the printer too long will cause some problems, such as color shifting, head clogs and banding. Many people agree that you can print past the “use-by” date without any issues, but a good rule of thumb is to use the cartridges within six months of installing them. It is not recommended to print past six months of the use-by date. Marking the cartridges with the date on which you installed them is a good way to keep track of their life span.

dye sublimation ink


Our company is a supplier of materials of dye sublimation printing with over 10 years of experience. And we utilize the knowledge and experience obtained through years of involvement and puts it into research & development, innovation and design. Any demand or question, please contact us, and we will provide you the best service. Thank you for your time. 🙂

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