How To Avoid And Solve Inkjet Print Heads Block?

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How To Avoid And Solve Inkjet Print Heads Block?

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How To Avoid And Solve Inkjet Print Heads Block?

dye sublimation printingThe print head is the core of the digital printer. Feiyue is a Chinese professional sublimation paper and ink manufacturer. we always meet these users who have requirements like “we need sublimation ink which can not block print head, I need sublimation paper which does not rub my print head.” of course, we can promise our sublimation ink particle is less than 300nm(<0.3um). our sublimation paper is fast dry and anti-curled. So what factors result in print head clogging? I have concluded the reasons as below:

1.Dirty clogging. this phenomenon is caused by long-term use of low-quality sublimation paper with paper wadding.

2.Impurity clogging. this is caused by the tiny impurity of ink blocking print heads.

3. Filter clogging. this is generally caused by bad quality sublimation ink. poor quality ink has large and harmful solvents that will be blocked in the filter, after a long time, the print head will be blocked.

4.Dry clogging. usually do not operate for a long time.

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5. Chemical clogging, often using different types of ink which causes a chemical reaction, then leads to gum blocked nozzle.

6. Bacterial spoilage clogging: This problem tends to occur when temperatures above 20 degrees, the bacteria in the ink multiply, causing the ink corruption degeneration, flocculent substance corrupts in the internal nozzle.

7.Gas clogging. some bad ink has the poor defoaming ability, the ink will produce bubbles, but if a bubble goes into the nozzle, it is difficult to come out, then causes the gas block.

8. Electrically clogging. some printers or ink cartridge nozzle set chip electrical performance testing, when it detects non-standard ink or chips, to some extents, the print head will be closed, the cannot work through the nozzle, we named this blocking pseudo-clogging.

Using sublimation ink, we should pay more attention to these aspects as below:

1). The environment of using sublimation ink.1)temperature: room temperature(10-25℃)

2) Humidity: 40-70%

3) Printer grounding: Grounding stable ground voltage ≤0.5V

4) The printer Operating voltage: Input voltage stability, 220V ± 10% or 110V ± 10% (specific printer according to the actual situation of input)

5) Surrounding environment: clean air, away from the source of dust, the airflow is not too large.

Note: Shake ink well before use, especially for longer storage time ink.

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