How to Avoid the Static Electricity on Digital Sublimation Printers?

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How to Avoid the Static Electricity on Digital Sublimation Printers?

Digital sublimation printer electrostatic interference phenomenon is common to encounter, Static electricity has a great influence on the sublimation printer.

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Static electricity can be described as the number one killer of the nozzle, especially in the working environment which is too dry in winter. Sublimation printers will directly produce a lot of static electricity directly causes damage to electronic components such as nozzles and circuits. Or when using print media materials, especially when using plastic-based materials such as PP, adhesive, etc., a large amount of static electricity is also generated. It damages the nozzle or cause the accumulation of impurities then lead to the nozzle blockage damage.

The static electricity of the human body is actually caused by the fact that our body is too dry and rubbing against the clothes. We can do the following actions to prevent electrostatic interference:

1.Discharge the static electricity before using the digital sublimation printer: When you operate the sublimation printer, you can touch the metal material with your hands first, so that the static electricity can be transmitted.

2.Before using an sublimation printer, you can wash your hands with water This can be more thorough release of static electricity.

3.We adapt to wear electrostatic gloves in the winter. It can also prevent static electricity.

4.For newly purchased sublimation printers, we must first connect the ground wire. In the process of usingof sublimation printers, if there is a problem with the connection of the ground wire. Then if it causes static electricity to be released, it has a great influence on our actual use.

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