How Do Base Papers Affect Quality Of Sublimation Papers?

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How Do Base Papers Affect Quality Of Sublimation Papers?

In the market, there are two distinctive quality sublimation paper: the top notch one and the monetary one. One reason that reason the quality distinction is the base paper.

sublimation paper1. High Quality base paper

This sort of base paper is made up with needlebush pulp(softwood) and broadleaf pulp(hardwood), the proportion is 7:3 regularly.

The fiber is longer, it implies the intension of the transfer paper and the capacity of suffering high temperature is better, that will ensure the paper still have best intension in persistent creation process under high temperature, that could shield your paper from breaking which will cause severely impact to your generation.

Additionally the snugness is more noteworthy, above 0.9g/cm3, the air penetrability is littler. In the event that the thightness is littler, at that point the air porousness is more noteworthy, that implies during the exchange, the sublimation ink will infiltrate the base paper and spread to the rear, and impact the exchange result.

sublimation printing

2. Economic base paper

This sort is made up with different sorts of blended mash of waste paper, for example, newspaper, pressing paper and so on from our every day life or mechanical waste paper. Regardless of the intension, the ability of suffering high temperature, the snugness, the air permeablility, it is flimsier than the up-grade base paper.

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