The Benefits Of Transfer Sublimation Paper

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The Benefits Of Transfer Sublimation Paper

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In the thermal transfer printing equipment, novice for the first printing industry will heat transfer technology to raise these questions: What are the characteristics?
What is its purpose? In the transfer process, how to make the thermal
transfer paper in the transfer process to achieve the best condition?

sublimation transfer printing

The heat transfer technology in the current market develop rapidly. It is
because the entire industry is developing fast, and we need to focus on
the choice of paper raw materials. In the process of selection of raw
materials is the need to choose the best, that is good for the ultimate impact.

Now many occasions are beginning to use thermal transfer paper to print. it can
not only use to synthesize common fiber fabric, but some natural fiber
printing or blends fabric can use thermal transfer printing.

sublimation pritning

What are the main advantages of transfer PRINTING?

The biggest advantage of thermal transfer paper on the environmental protection
is very short. So it is a very green and environmentally friendly products.

In the process of the entire process, time is also very short, basically
printed is a complete finished product, do not need special post-processing.
Another thermal transfer paper manufacturers produce thermal transfer paper is
usually very fine pattern and has a strong sense of art, which is a lot of ordinary
printing can not be compared with. And we see the thermal transfer printing
paper color is also very fresh, so the ultimate result is not to cause contamination
of the fabric.

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