sublimation paper printing


The Digital printing process, also known as dye-sub or dye sublimation paper printing is a popular printing process for transferring images onto fabrics or materials. Sublimation excludes the liquid state and goes right from solid to a gas due to a chemical reaction. is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable process possible for sports apparel, garment printing, and production?

As the name implies, printing dyes are processed by reactive dyes. Nowadays, the design elements of reactive printing are quite diverse, such as floral printing patterns, geometric printing patterns, English letter patterns, and various digital patterns that designers can imagine and can design with computers. Reactive printing fabrics are suitable for a wide range of groups and have a longer application time. The fabrics are bright in color, good color fastness, and soft to the touch. Therefore, the best choice for high-end bedding in life is the reactive printing fabric.

sublimation paper printing

sublimation paper printing

Digital sublimation printing is mainly applied to polyester fiber products. With the improvement of transfer printing technology, it is also widely used in nylon, acrylonitrile, cotton, linen, and wool. Dye-sublimation printing patterns have the characteristics of lifelike patterns, detailed patterns, clear layers, and strong three-dimensionality. It can print natural scenery and artistic patterns.

Pigment printing is one of the process methods of fabric printing. Paint is different from dyes, it has no directness to fibers and cannot be combined with fibers. The principle of “coloring” on fibers is to rely on a synthetic resin that can produce a strong film. Fiber surface, so the coating can print on various fiber fabrics, and the print image details are clear, the level transition is fine, and it is suitable for expressing beautiful colors. The printing color of Jettex textile coating printing is pure, rich in color, and smooth transition, suitable for direct printing on all textiles.

In dispersive direct-injection printing, you can print the ink directly on the fabric. Before printing, the fabric is pretreated with chemicals to ensure that the ink is combined with the fabric during the steaming process. After the ink is printed on the fabric, the fabric passes through an oven to ensure that the moisture evaporates and the dye remains on the fabric. However, this does not mean that the ink has been fixed on the fabric. To ensure that the ink is fixed on the fabric, the fabric should be steamed. This process initiates a chemical reaction that causes the fabric to absorb ink and absorb the color in the fiber.

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

There are two printing methods for thermal transfer, one is dye sublimation paper transfer and the other is thermoset transfer. The sublimation method refers to printing the color paste produced by thermally sublimated disperse dyes into printing paper by screen or gravure and then transferring the pattern on the printing paper to the required medium. The thermal transfer method refers to the use of thermosetting ink (also known as hot melt glue) to screen printing into printed paper, and then transfer the pattern on the printed paper to cultural shirts, clothing, and other products.

There are obvious differences in the application of the two printing methods. The sublimation transfer method is mainly used on chemical fiber fabrics and hard materials coated with thermal transfer coatings, and the thermoset transfer method is mainly used on pure cotton products. The difference in texture between the two printing methods is that the original texture of the material is not changed after the sublimation pattern is transferred, and the hand and look are good. After the thermosetting pattern is transferred, a layer of jelly is formed on the surface of the attachment, which has a poor hand feeling and is airtight. The two printing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages in production, and each has its own characteristics.

Several technical methods of traditional sublimation thermal transfer There are three traditional technical methods of sublimation thermal transfer: silk-screen thermal transfer, gravure (copperplate, electric engraving) thermal transfer, and offset thermal transfer. The characteristic of traditional sublimation heat transfer is plate printing.

Digital thermal transfer is a new technology that combines digital printing technology on the basis of traditional sublimation thermal transfer to print patterns and images on thermal transfer paper in the form of plateless printing. Its characteristic is that because the application of digital printing technology to print color patterns and images does not require plate making, which saves the plate making process and costs, it is suitable for the production and printing of personalized products. In this way, heat transfer paper is used as the substrate and then transferred by heat transfer equipment.

inkjet transfer paper

inkjet transfer paper

Sublimation transfer range

  1. Personalized gift market

Print your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and text on the gifts to get rid of the gift’s cookie-cutter faces and better reflect the value of the gift and the originality of the gift giver.

  1. Home decoration market

The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions, and personalized home decoration is also quietly popular. Decorating your home with your favorite style and creating your own individual space has gradually become a popular trend.

  1. Personalized products market

A considerable part of the users in the popular mobile phone and digital product market is young and fashionable groups. Printing your own logo on these products is the best embodiment of individuality.

  1. Personalized image consumer products

With the rapid development of digital imaging, people are no longer limited to printing their photos on photographic paper. The universal digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, etc.

  1. Popular culture peripheral products

The universal digital printing system can also conveniently print some popular movies, animations, HIP-HOP and other pictures or popular elements on some items according to popular trends.

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