How to Use Sublimation Sticky Transfer Paper?

sticky heat sublimation paper
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Sticky heat sublimation transfer paper ( TAC paper) is specially developed for elastic fabric, with adhesive in the coating, the paper can stick to the fabric during the transfer printing process. Using sticky transfer paper can avoid printing defects like shadows and etc.

When customers are using sticky paper, there are always problems like less sticky or too sticky, which means less sticky paper can not stick to the fabric; too sticky paper means it’s difficult to peel off the paper from the fabric after transfer printing. Actually, it is the same kind of paper, different processes can have different results.

      How to use sticky transfer paper and avoid less sticky and too sticky problem?

Firstly, we should understand the factors can affect the bonding strength between sticky transfer paper and fabric. The factors are like followings:

Adhesiveness of the sticky transfer paper

Types of the fabric

Environment humidity

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Analysis of each factor:

Adhesiveness of sticky transfer paper:

Because of the difference of fabrics and environmental humidity all year long, so the requirement of the adhesiveness of sticky transfer paper is also different. Beside the common sticky transfer paper, we also developed high-adhesiveness sticky transfer paper. Compare with common sticky transfer paper, the bonding strength is increased by 50%, other specification are almost the same. The high-adhesiveness sticky transfer paper are mainly used in winter and autumn, or customers who mostly print light color images, or used for smooth fabric.

Types of fabrics: Fabric is one factor can affect the bonding strength. Generally speaking, the more smooth the fabric is, the lower the bonding strength between paper and fabric is. During the transfer printing process, the adhesive in the sticky transfer paper coating is in molten state, so if the fabric is too smooth, so the bonding strength is smaller. So for the smooth elastic fabric, we recommend to use high-adhesiveness sticky transfer paper.

Environment humidity:  The adhesiveness of sticky transfer paper is also related to the moisture in the transfer printing process, in general, the more moisture the higher the adhesiveness is. Some customers find out the sticky transfer paper work well in summer and spring, but in winter and autumn, the sticky transfer paper become less sticky. That’s because the moisture in the paper and fabric is too low during transfer printing process. When this happens, should put the sticky transfer paper into humid environment to absorb more moisture then start transfer printing. On another hand, the drying during printing process should also be within control, can not make the printed sticky transfer paper too dry.

Storage of sticky transfer paper:

The sticky transfer paper can not be exposed in the air for long time, this can decrease the adhesiveness of transfer paper, the sticky transfer paper should be sealed. If half roll of transfer paper is not finished, should be sealed with original plastic bag and sealed from air. We have tested the sticky transfer which have been stored for more than 6 months, the adhesiveness of the transfer paper is still the same as before. The printed sticky transfer paper should be transferred as soon as possible, in general, if the printed paper is left for days, the adhesiveness will decrease, it’s because the moisture volatilized and the adhesiveness of the coating decrease. So the printed sticky transfer paper should be transferred within 2-24 hours, if can not be done within 2-24 hours, the printed paper should be sealed.

According to our experience, we conclude three points about how to use sticky transfer paper:

Choose the right sticky transfer paper with proper adhesiveness.

Pay attention to the moisture ( fabric moisture, paper moisture) during transfer process.

Pay attention to the sticky transfer paper storage condition.( The paper should be sealed from air, the printed transfer paper should be transferred within short time.

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