Recently, Sublistar launched a white ink DTF film printer that is particularly suitable for e-commerce and a combination of stalls. The biggest feature of this DTF printer is one-stop hollow printing, only need to input pictures from the computer, whether it is simple or complex patterns, whether it is a single or complex colors, can perfectly present the effect.

DTF Film Printer

This machine is a combination of a DTF PET film printer and a powder shake machine. After the hollow printing of DTF printer, it can output directly to the powder shake machine. After the powder is heated and dried, the exquisite finished product can be output. These patterns can be cut and pressed directly on the garment.

But many customers are worried about a problem when they consult, that is, what should I do if there is static electricity during printing? Now I will talk about how to solve this problem.

Sublistar DTF printer

1) You can install antistatic tape on the printer, use static remover, static remove and other products.

2) Check the main reasons for the static electricity generated by the printer: contact, friction and separation between objects, too dry air and other factors will generate static electricity. As far as the printing environment is concerned, under the same conditions, the lower the humidity, the drier the air, and the higher the electrostatic voltage, which will affect the normal operation of the printer.

3) Keeping the indoor air moist is one of the most effective ways. In addition, cleaning and wiping the rubber roller feeding the paper with alcohol can also eliminate some static electricity.

For this reason, Sublistar’s DTF printer and powder shake machine was designed with this problem in mind, so the classic stick was installed in the design of the rear feeding system. The problems caused by static electricity are greatly reduced, so you can buy with confidence.

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