rotary heat transfer machine
roller heat transfer machine

roller heat transfer machine

The Roller heat transfer machine is a very popular printing and dyeing process in the world in recent years. As we all know, the printing market is currently divided into traditional printing and digital printing.

Traditional printing requires plate making, sizing, waste pulp treatment and other processes. It is suitable for printing large-scale orders (generally over 1000 meters). It still has advantages in terms of cost, speed, and permeability. However, there are problems in printing fineness, accuracy, color fastness, and washing degree. Traditional printing has relatively high requirements for the deployment of plate-making, screen-making, and sizing.

Digital printing has obvious advantages in pattern richness, color diversity, flexible production, and environmental protection (no water or pulp).

Digital printing currently accounts for more than 80% of dispersed inks. (about 75% for sublimation ink and 5% for direct dispersed transfer ink). Another 15% for active inks, and 5% for acid inks and pigment inks.

The dye sublimation printer prints patterns on the coated dye sublimation paper. After ink dry, then transfer the patterns to polyester-based fabric through roller heat transfer machine. The development of sublimation printing technology has made more and more printing equipment widely used in the industry.

rotary heat transfer machine

applications of rotary heat transfer machine

As the last link before the finished fabric, the printing market has a huge space. Which covering many markets such as printing and dyeing, finishing, printing, dyes, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, etc. It has always been a link with large technological content and technological updates. Now China is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of printing and dyeing products of the world.

At present, there are mainly 5 kinds of heat transfer methods. Let me share with you about the roller heat transfer machine. The roller heat transfer machine uses dispersed sublimation ink with molecular weight of 250 to 400 and a particle diameter of 0.2 to 2µm. Heat press for 20-30 seconds to transfer the dispersed dye to synthetic fibers such as polyester and fix it. Our SUBLISTAR roller heat transfer machine has 1.2M, 1.7M, 1.9M, 2.6M and even 3.2M wide format. Compared with the heat transfer machine of similar price in the same industry. SUBLISTAR roller heat transfer machine quality obviously has more advantages. There are many agents and end-customers all over the world. In the future, we will continue to improve the quality and accuracy of the SUBLISTAR heat press calandra. And we provide customers with more exquisite roller transfer printing machines.

SUBLISTAR high-configuration and high-quality roller transfer machines are well-known in the industry and are favored by many partners.

At present, the digital printing solutions provided by the SUBLISTAR roller heat transfer machine have covered the advertising, home decoration, fashion clothing, bronzing, shoe material, personalized customization and other related industries. If you have any needs, you can contact us.

So what are the characteristics of SUBLISTAR roller heat transfer machines?

  • First of all, the R&D and production design of the SUBLISTAR heat press is customized to meet the needs of the industry market.
  • Besides, we use imported parts and accessories. Such as blankets, using American “DuPont” blankets, the transfer effect is excellent, and the service life is longer than ordinary blankets.
  • The roller adopts seamless tube roller, the outer circle/inner circle precision lathe, the outer circle grinding and plating iron Buddha, guarantee every the temperature of each node is the same, the double-layer drum heats more evenly, and the imported heating tube heats up.
  • The transfer effect has no color difference, and it saves 15%-20% of electricity every day.
  • The oil-filled roller keeps the temperature of the roller within ±1 degrees. The defect rate of the finished product is greatly reduced.
  • The heating system is controlled by an intelligent temperature meter. High-efficiency heating mechanism, fast heating, stable temperature; integrated conductive ring heating, conductive performance is more stable and safe;
  • When the power is cut off or shut down, the blanket is automatically separated from the roller to better protect the blanket and extend the life;
  • The digital display of the control table, temperature, time controlling, and the precision is higher;
  • The machine adopts three rewinding functions, suitable for transfer: cut pieces, piece of cloth (roll) and ready-made garments;
  • The machine has a timer shutdown function, and the machine will automatically shut down when it is idling for 2 hours.
  • There is a need for roller heat transfer machine. SUBLISTAR can customize for you in order to meet your needs and solve your troubles in printing technology.
rotary heat press calandra

rotary heat press calandra

Three things to help you use roll heat transfer machine correctly

If you want to use the roller heat transfer machine correctly, then we need to do three things. The first thing is to read and understand the operation manual of this equipment. This is very important. If the manual is too thick, I don’t want to finish reading it, or I think I can start successfully by looking at the various buttons on the machine. I don’t need to read the manual. Users must read the manual, so that everyone can understand the design principle of this device. As well as the component parts have a better understanding, and can better pay attention to protect some vulnerable parts of this equipment when in use.

The second thing that people need to pay attention to, that is, we must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment before each start-up. That is to say, before we use this equipment, We should all check once to make sure that the function of this equipment is perfect and easy to use, so that it can be officially used. These are also very important to everyone, so that we can get better The effect of using, so that everyone can get better enjoyment in this aspect.

These are very important to us, and the third thing to use a roller printing machine, that is, the accurate setting of the relevant printing parameters of this equipment, each type of printing needs has its own different parameters Features. You need to understand these aspects well before printing and make corresponding adjustments in the equipment to ensure that the printing effect you use is accurate.


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