How About the usage of dye sublimation paper & How to storage it?



Dye sublimation paper printing providers their customers demand brilliant color, a soft hand, durability, and options from direct to print fabric. While many of these features are common across all applications, some properties hold more importance than others depending on end-use. That’s why so many people choose sublimation paper printing now, today we will talk about the detail wide application of the sublimation paper.

sublimation paper
sublimation paper


The Usage of wide-format sublimation paper


Home Internal:

Now, this application of dye sublimation paper is very close to our life. In our homes, the curtains, the sofa, the sheets, and the quilt are the wide-format garments all. So just use the printing technology to make the patterns onto the fabric is very hard. Then people choose the wide roll sublimation paper to transfer the patterns onto the home interiors. Of course, in this transfer process, you should use the Calender wide format heat press machine. Only iron or small size heat press machine is useless.


dye sublimation paper
dye sublimation paper

Trade show exhibits:

For companies that frequent trade shows and conferences, dye sublimation printed banners can allow a lot of flexibility and take a lot of wear. Typically, polyester-based fabrics are used for dye sublimation printing. These fabrics tend to be very flexible and are perfect for being stretched over frames. The process of dye sublimation takes the solid dye and turns it into a gas with high heat. The gas then penetrates the item being printed and essentially becomes a part of the item’s structure. As a result, the finished printing cannot be flaked or cracked, and can overall last significantly longer than other printing methods.


Lanyards & Labels:

Fully printed using the dye-sublimation process that can create multi-colored, highly detailed designs. With this method, your design is transferred using heat and special sublimation ink causing your image to become permanently embedded into the material. The design remains smooth because of the method used. It offers durable imprinting that will last for the life of the lanyard. No more rubbing off or fading! You have the option to choose from a wide selection of lanyard attachments.



sublimation paper roll
sublimation paper roll


Now more and more big manufacturers use the dye sublimation paper for the sportswear transfer. Because they can print a large quantity patterns of their sportswear designed at a time. And then in the transfer process, they can also transfer a large quantity of sportswear fabric at a time. This process can help them save a lot of time and money, improve their working efficiency.


Displays and banners:

Sublimation paper also can be used for displays and banners as well. As stated above, one of the biggest perks about using dye sublimation printing is that the finished piece carries durability that other printing processes don’t have. If they need to be cleaned, it can be done very easily without fear of damaging the image printed on the display. mWith retail, in-store displays tend to be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Display pieces in a store tend to get a lot of traffic, with customers and employees constantly touching them for whatever reason. Even if a display banner is knocked down and trampled on by careless customers, the design printed on it will not be affected if printed using dye sublimation. If they need to be cleaned, it can be done very easily without fear of damaging the image printed on the display.



The usage of sheet size sublimation paper


A3 and A4 dye sublimation paper are designed to work with Epson Piezo printers. This Sheet sub papers are available in a wide variety usage of T-shirt and puzzle, it is so easy to do, so sometimes you can just use your household irons for your T-shirt transfer.

Sublimation transfer mugs are also hot as we know, when the festival comes we can transfer some cute mugs and plates, also we can custom some mugs as a gift. It’s also easy to do, someone has their own shop do to this at home. if you want do this, the A4 and A3 size sublimation paper will be the best choice for you.

Someone may don’t know that sublimation paper also can transfer the wooden, the wood grain transfer printing process is the inks penetrate into the powder-coated layer at a high temperature, finally getting a decorated effect on the surface.

Sublimation onto aluminum (also known as metal print) is a process of infusing dyes into a sheet of pre-treated aluminum via heat transfer. this usually will not use on large format materisl, uauslly use for diy gifts, ao we just to know, if you want to try transfer image on metal you can choose sheet size sublimation paper.


heat transfer paper
heat transfer paper


Printing and storage guidance

Printing :

Unpack the wrapping vinyl one day prior to printing in the printing room to acclimatize. Image side could be wounded by the outside of the roll. So, make an adequate size of the image for the paper width. The printed paper should be sufficiently dry before the transfer. Our paper has excellent performance of holding inks even at the high speed printing mode.

Printer and Ink Compatibility :

Our roll dye sublimation paper has been tested and work successfully on the most famous brands of inkjet printing systems equipped with dye sublimation inks. All Pieze Electric Drop on Demand printers like Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland printers have provided really excellent results with our paper.

Printer Setting :

Recommend a Heavy Coated Paper print mode for all printer brands and models. Do not over-saturate the paper. Use ICC Profiles to optimize your particular printer/ink/RIP setup

Press Setting :

Recommend a little more pressure and temperature in 100gsm sticky pressing. Pressing time and temperature shall be differently applied in accordance with the substances. It is also important to check the quality of the heat transfer press machine.

Material Storage :

Dye sublimation paper is mostly very week against moisture. To protect unused papers, it is recommended to store the papers in their original packaging with the inner poly bag at 59-86degree F / 15-30degree C and 30-50% RH.


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