A Brief Analysis of the Causes of Ink Leakage in Inkjet Printers

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A Brief Analysis of the Causes of Ink Leakage in Inkjet Printers

An inkjet printer is a fine-output printing device with extremely strict requirements for consumables. Sometimes, improper operation of some users may cause

the phenomenon of ink leakage in inkjet printers, which may cause images to be dropped on the inkjet printer. This not only results in the waste of inkjet printer supplies, but also causes some unavoidable effects on the images. So why do inkjet printers leak ink?

1.When using filling ink, some friends first mask the smart chip of the ink supply system of the printing equipment. So that it can not effectively monitor the use of the ink. The information fed back by the chip is incomplete and cannot effectively guide the user to use ink to generate ink leakage.

2. There will be some air in the interior of the original cartridge, because the presence of air holes keeps the air pressure normal. When we fill the ink, we often add too much ink to the cartridge because of “greediness”, destroying the pressure inside the printer’s head and the

airtightness of the cartridge. Then it causes that the pressure adjustment function to malfunction and the temperature inside the cartridge to rise. The internal pressure is greater than the external atmospheric pressure, ink is ejected from the print head, causing ink leakage. So it is recommended to add about two-thirds of the ink on it.

3. At present, many chemical constituents of filling inks do not meet the technical standards. When they are placed for a period of time, they are easily degenerated and produce some particles. It not only corrodes the print head, but also causes the nozzles to clog and not to print. When the machine vibrates strongly, ink leakage occurs. Therefore, we recommend that users choose the factory-supplied model ink as much as possible when selecting the ink.

4. When filling the ink into the ink cartridge, the ink hole does not adhere to the cover, or the installation of the ink cartridge is “rough” and the force is too great. So it destroys the size of the air hole and changes the size of the air hole. When the speed of the machine is increased, the ink is ejected from the nozzle, causing ink leakage. It can be seen that more than 90% of the “leakage” is caused by the use of filling ink. The use of filling ink not only causes serious damage to the ink supply system, print heads and machine equipment, but also the small color gamut of the filled ink. It makes many colors impossible to express, is prone to color shifts. It causes color differences, is not realistic, and prints images has poor quality. Original ink will not produce ink leakage.

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