Can I Print on Phone Case with DTG Printer?

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Can I Print on Phone Case with DTG Printer?

    DTG printer is the inkjet printer which can print on garment directly, it is kindly popular because of it’s easy operation and high quality printing quality. Many people asked me that is it possible to print on the phone case with a DTG printer. Then here is the answer.

DTG printer

   The DTG printer can be used to print on the phone case as long as you want, and not only phone case, it can print on all kinds of materials in theory, and what you need do is install an UV system. But we usually don’t suggest you do this, why?

   DTG printet uses textile ink, which is water-based and non-corrosive. If you want to print on the phone case, cup, frame, you should use UV ink. UV ink has a certain of corrosiveness. Put textile ink and UV ink together can create a chemical reaction and crystallize. The print head will get clogged. The print head is the core component of the DTG printer, is cost at least seven or eight thousand. So the result of doing so is not worth the candle.

phone case

   If you want to print on phone case , you can invest an UV printer.Witht the development of UV printing, the price of a UV printer is not as higher as before.

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