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sublimation printing is a best way to do print

Dye sublimation printing Keep Fashion Industry Sustainable

Eco-friendly sublimation printer
Sublimation printing has become one of the most popular and efficient printing techniques available these days. Not only does it an economic way of transferring digital designs directly to a number of substrates from clay to various other polyester-based materials,…

What’s the DTG pretreatment?

DTG printing
What’s the DTG pretreatment? DTG printing is common widely used in the texture market, and it is easy for the green hand to start a one-off printing business. The whole printing process is simple, and only one person can print…

Sublimation Printing or DTG Printing?

What is Dye Sublimation Printing? The Sublimation Process Sublimation is a chemical process. In simple terms, it is where a solid turns into a gas, immediately, without passing through the liquid stage in between. When questioning what is sublimation printing,…