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How to Deal with the Breakdown of Roller Heat Press Machine?

Actually, there are two types of roller heat press machine breakdown issues that occur to industrial calender: non-stop working and stop working.

roller heat press machine

How to Deal with Non-Stop Working of Roller Heat Press Machine?
  1. If you find the roller or heating blanket with small pieces of stuff such as a piece of grain, a small amount of paste, fluffy, clean it with a copper wired brush. And if brushing doesn’t work, wait for the industrial heat press machine to stop and try cleaning again.
  2. For fine stripes on the roller surface, you can use a small finer stone to grind them away. If it doesn’t work, send it to repair when the machine stops. But it’s very rare to face such an issue.
  3. If there is any color difference, readjust the pressure on each side, and adjust the space between the axis and roller; don’t make them too tight.
  4. Fasten the screw if you find the parts are loosening during work.
  5. For the wrong design, slow down the machine. You may have to readjust the design if slowing down doesn’t work.
  6. If the blanket and conveyor belt shift to one side, adjust them manually by pulling the chain wheel to its assigned position.
  7. When the cloth stains, consider turning on the drying steam valve to prevent stanines.
  8. If you find improper tension, readjust the speed between units or tension device.
  9. When the moisture of cloth is uneven, adjust the pressure of axis sides.
How to Deal with Stop Working Breakdown?

calender heat press

  1. If there is any sharp material on the roller, you need to stop the calender heat press to prevent damage.
  2. When a thin blanket is used for a long time, and heat isn’t steady, consider stopping the machine and replace the blanket with a new one.
  3. If there is too much thread on the fabric with the wind into the roller, you must stop the machine here, as well.

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Is it Possible to Print nylon using Sublimation Transfer Printing?

While it is viable to print nylon at low temperatures using sublimation transfer printing, there are many kinds of nylon and they react in a different way to dyes. There are some nylon fabrics that are pre-treated with components to assist with dye absorption, and the ones most typically used in textiles are nylon 6.

sublimation transfer printing

People assume in another way involving the sublimation for nylon. Some declare that nylon will take on a old print no longer that pretty, whilst some say that it can be even greater shiny than polyester. Some say that dye retention is remarkable after washing whilst others say it can be effortlessly washed out. However, there is a tendency for the dye to oxidize in the sunlight, which will fade over time.

So why nylon rather of polyester? It all comes down to what the cloth is gonna be used for. As to performance, polyester has higher moisture wicking homes and pilling resistance (nylon absorbs extra water, maintain moist for a lengthy time, and will block breathability). The tremendous component about nylon is that it lasts longer (when dry) and it is plenty softer, smoother, and stretchier; as silk substitutes, nylon is incredible for hosiery and knitted garments.

sublimation printing

If you discover nylon the outstanding fabric for sublimation transfer printing, we would recommend you strive and strive and strive again, and then you might also discover out what temperature and time work best. So for your subsequent dye sublimation printing venture on nylon, you can also flip to us for small print of sublimation printing paper and then take a look at them on your nylon clothes.

Today’s post about “is it possible to sublimate nylon?” is here. Any questions, please contact us. Our team will provide you with the best service. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day!

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What are the characters of Sublimation Papers in Different Weights?

Now on the market, you can find many different weight of sublimation papers like 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm sublimation papers. But do you know how to choose a suitable one for your business? And do you know what’s the difference between them? You will meet those problem, and today I will introduce for you.

sublimation paper

45/60/70sgm sublimation transfer paper suit to high speed machine. Like MSJP series, REGGIANI printer. In usual, those type, we make with jumbo rolls like 5000M, 10,000M

80/90gsm sublimation paper suit to light image printing, because 80/90gsm paper are thinner than 100gsm paper. If your image need too much more ink, 80gsm paper will shrink. Meanwhile you need to control the humidity in 40%-60%. In this way, your paper won’t wrinkling.

100gsm sublimation paper suit to textile which requires lots of ink. For example, printing a large area of dark color, you need to choose 100gsm due that 100gsm paper are more thickness, and it can absorb more ink and it won’t shrink.

If your fabric is elastic, sticky sublimation paper is your best choice. At present, 100gsm sticky paper is the most popular in the market, and it can avoid double printing image on the fabric.

Our company offers the equipment in sublimation printing process, such as sublimation paper, sublimation ink, inkjet printer and some other accessories. If you are looking for a sublimation equipment supplier, please feel free to contact us.

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