There have actually been numerous innovations in the printing sector, such as heat press and screen printing. Thanks to these […]
DTG printer
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Hello, everyone. Today, let’s talk about the similarities and differences between Epson 4720 print head (also called EPS3200 nozzle) and 5113 […]
Digital sublimation paper is a necessary consumable for dye sublimation printing. Many people are concerned about whether it is environmentally […]
digital DTG printer
The digital DTG printer has been widely praised since its launch. Its simple working principle and good printing effect make […]
In the Chinese printer market, Epson genuine print heads absolutely have highest popularity among wide-format digital inkjet printers. In different […]
DTG printing machine
Are you a manufacturer of T-shirts? Have you heard of the DTG printing machine? Or have you used this machine? […]
As we all know, a lot of factories will not coat both sides of the heat transfer paper, so there […]