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How Does Sublimation Base Paper Affect the Quality of Transfer Paper?

In the market, there are two different quality sublimation paper: the high quality one and the economic one. One of the reasons that cause the quality difference is the base paper.

sublimation base paper

1. High Quality base paper
This type of base paper is made up with needlebush pulp(softwood) and broadleaf pulp(hardwood), the ratio is 7:3 normally.

The fiber is longer, it means the intension of the paper and the capability of enduring high temperature is better, that will make sure the paper still have best intension in continuous production process under high temperature, that could protect your paper from breaking which will cause badly influence to your production.

Also the tightness is greater, above 0.9g/cm3, the air permeability is smaller. If the thightness is smaller, then the air permeability is greater, that means during the transfer, the sublimation ink will penetrate the base paper and spread to the back side, and influence the transfer result.

sublimation paper

2. Economic base paper
This type is made up with various kinds of mixed pulp of waste paper, such as newspaper, packing paper etc from our daily life or industrial waste paper. No matter the intension, the capability of enduring high temperature, the tightness, the air permeablility, it is weaker than the up-grade base paper.

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How to Solve the Problem that Sublimation Transfer Paper Dries Too Slow?

When you use sublimation paper, you may encounter this question- Why the sublimation paper dries too slow? There are many reasons that cause the sublimation paper dries slow. Today, we will make a brief analysis on it.

With the development of high speed machine, like EPSON, MIMAKI and MUTOH. The traditional sublimation transfer paper are updating to fast dry too. If the paper dries too slowly, it will influence the production badly, so now, the fast dry sublimation paper already replaced the traditional sublimation paper. But still many clients meet the problem with the drying speed. There are many factors as the below information:

sublimation paper

The drying time is related with the printing temperature and the relative humidity, sublimation papernormally the recommended printing temperature is 25℃ (77℉). And relative humidity is 53%.

If the temperature is below 25℃ (77℉) , there’s no enough heat for the paper to dry very fast. On the other hand, if the relative humidity is higher than 53%, which means there are too much moisture in the air, it’s like in the raining days, the clothes always dry very slowly.

When you meet with those two problem, one extra heat drier or dehumidifier will help you solve the problem very easily.

Most of the new printers, like EPSON, it has a build-in drier in the printer itself, if you are still using the old machine (plotter), it’s better to set up an extra heat drier, or update your machine into the new one. Buy a new machines seems rather expensive, but in a long way, it will solve more problems and save your cost.

sublimation printing

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fast dry sublimation paper

What You Should Pay More Attention To When Sublimation?

What You Should Pay More Attention To When Sublimation?

Sublimation is a printing process that uses a chemical reaction to transfer an image from paper to fabric or another medium.

Printing on sublimation transfer paper (do not forget that you have to print in mirror mode J), transfer on polyester using calender or heat press, the temperature must be set around 200° C, the time from 30 to 60 seconds.

Printing images, text or your own designs onto fabric is a simple process. I’ve placed all of the steps below. It looks like a lot to take in but it’s just a five- minute task.

sublimation transfer printingBe aware, if you are using pictures of celebrities, you cannot sell your finished piece.
Insert your image into a Microsoft word document. Your image must be large enough to fill the t – shirt transfer sheet and remain clear when you print it out.

When looking for pictures using Google image search, the size of the image is displayed under each picture. Using an image over 2,000 pixels in height or width is best.

Size or resize your image by clicking and dragging its corner to your required size. Doing a print preview will show how big your image is going to be when printed onto the A4 transfer sheet.

Print your image and text using the “mirror image” option on your printer. Or, if you just want to ensure that text prints correctly, you can use “Word Art” in Microsoft word, select the font, type your text, click draw, click rotate or flip and select “flip horizontal”. This just ensures that when you iron on your text, it reads correctly.

sublimation transfer paper

Print out your image onto the white, unprinted side of the heat transfer paper and place to one side to allow for the ink to completely dry.

Cut your design out with a slight border and place face down as seen in the second picture above. The transfer sheets grid will be face up.

Set your iron to its hottest setting and grab a couple of clean t towels and your chopping board from the kitchen. Wrap the towels around the chopping board to create a hard surface for you to iron on. (It just works better than using your ironing board) Give your plain t-shirt an iron first to ensure the surface is flat, ready for your transfer.

Iron over your transfer evenly and consistently for 60 seconds making sure that you have covered every bit of the transfer including its edges. Do not use steam. Get this right and your print will appear virtually seamless around the edges. Apply too much heat for too long and you may find that you can see the edges of your transfer more – it will still look good and by your second or third t-shirt you will be transferring fantastic looking prints onto fabric.

Allow the transfer paper to cool down then slowly peel off the transfer paper backing to reveal your finished design. Washable at 40c.

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