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What Materials Can Be Printed By Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printers?

In large-format inkjet printing, the application of wide format dye sublimation printer is very extensive. We have different width models, different ink application models, and support for a large number of types of coil paper media.

wide format dye sublimation printerThe large-width color inkjet printing of large format sublimation printers is divided into two types: outdoor paper medium and indoor paper material in different paper media. The indoor is to use water-based ink, that is, the indoor wide format dye sublimation printer we often say. Because the wide format dye sublimation printer used water-based ink, the characteristic of water-based ink is not waterproof and sunscreen. It is suitable for indoors to avoid water and indoors. Environmental applications. The outdoor inkjet printing usually uses oil-based ink for waterproofing and sunscreen or low-solvent ink with low environmental protection odor. The oil-based weak solvent ink has good outdoor environment application, and even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time outdoors, it can maintain the original color very well. It is not easy to fade and lighten, and can maintain the long-lasting durability of outdoor inkjet images.

For example, indoor and outdoor use, a wide range of materials: for PP adhesive, light film, photo paper, removable adhesive, photo cloth, car stickers, light cloth, single hole through, knife scraping cloth, banner cloth, thermal transfer paper , cotton, wallpaper, canvas, rice paper, mesh cloth, leather, etc.

Inkjet indoor materials has light sheets, photo papers, instant stickers, etc., outdoor materials are divided into light cloth, front lighting cloth, instant stickers, etc. The light sheet and the rear lighting cloth are mostly used for light boxes, and the photo paper is suitable for making advertising posters, posters, paintings, etc.

As the name suggests, the front lighting is the front of the painting, and the large outdoor advertising and street signs are such materials. The sticky note can be called a backing photographic paper, which makes it easy to slap the spray on other materials. Indoor sticky notes are mostly used for making exhibition boards, and outdoor instant stickers are mostly used for body stickers.

sublimation printer

Suitable for water-based solvents / sublimation inks / UV rigid inks and other types of inks for indoor and outdoor use, a wide range of materials: adhesive, light, photo paper, removable adhesive, photo cloth, car stickers, light cloth, single hole through, knife scraping cloth, banner cloth, thermal transfer paper, cotton, wallpaper, canvas, rice paper, mesh cloth, leather, etc. can be used.

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Why We Select Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper Above Other Options?

When it comes to choosing the right options for everything from t-shirt designs to printing graphics on your coffee mugs, generally you are told that sublimation transfer printing paper is by and far, your best option.

There are plenty of reasons that people choose this type of transfer paper over other methods. Let’s analysis the advantages and disadvantages of common options.

sublimation transfer printing paper

1. Iron On Transfers

Iron on transfers are the best for novices and people that aren’t quite sure what they should do when creating their tee shirts.

It is an easy method, so anyone can use it. You don’t have to have any machinery or special inks.

The biggest con to iron on transfers is that the sublimation transfer printing paper you get in department stores are often very low quality. There is also no way to trim down your image so there is no background around it.

2. Silk Screen

Another popular process is silkscreen transfer. It is also the most common form of tee-shirt design.

The process is very clean and bright. You can be sure that the colors will really pop on your tee shirt, when you are done.

Can be quite expensive, if you want to run more than one color.

These are just a few of the reasons that sublimation transfer printing paper is the best form of transfer paper available. Silkscreen is fine and iron on transfers are easy to do and cheap. However, if you want the process done right and your colors to really pop, sublimation is the best way to go for everyone.

sublimation paper

3. Sublimation

Sublimation transfer printing paper is said to be the best option around for any type of tee-shirt design. There are so many advantages to using sublimation over other kinds that it is hard to list them all. Below you will find a couple and a couple of the cons as well.

1) Easy to use
2) All you have to do is print in reverse and then press it onto the tee-shirt
3) You can use any image
4) You don’t have to remove any of the image that you don’t want on the tee-shirt
5) The only image that comes through on the tee shirt is the part that you printed.

1) It can be costly to get set up. However, once you pay for and set up the equipment the rest is easy.
2) You have to use the right fabric or the image will not set in the way that it should.
3) Only works for light or very, very white tee shirts, so you can’t use dark colors.

These are a few of the pros and cons of sublimation paper. It is clear that so far it stands out heads and tails above the rest.

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The Role of Premium Sublimation Ink in Digital Printing

During the sublimation process, heat treatment takes place where the dye is transferred from the ribbon to a particular surface. What’s the role of premium sublimation ink in digital printing? Today, I will have a brief introduction to it.

There is a roller inside the sublimation printer, and the paper or object being printed moves back and forth to add dye. This process is fast and heated to dye quickly and thoroughly. Dye sublimation inks make the colors look beautiful.

premium sublimation ink

Although this process seems to be much more complicated than using only inkjet printers, the process is much more accurate. Sublimation dyes are better for some reason and they have their advantages, and of course there are disadvantages.

1. Brighter colors

For beginners, sublimation inks are brighter and more beautiful than traditional inks. Often, when you use a universal printer, the colors fade over time, or they are not as bright as you might want. This is because it is difficult for the printer to achieve the vivid colors and tones you are pursuing. With sublimation printers, you get beautiful, bright colors without fading, and they are more vivid than others.

2. Faster drying

If you print a piece of paper from a traditional printer and grab the sublimation paper on the printer as quickly as possible, you know that the ink is not dry and you need to dry it. The sublimation dye dries almost immediately, allowing you to grab the paper. Even after drying, the color remains bright and does not smear like traditional ink.

3. Color injection sublimation paper

One of the main differences when using sublimation dyes is that it fuses and blends into the paper and does not become pix elated like inkjet colors. You will find that the picture looks better and transmits better than a traditional printer.

sublimation printing

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