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How to Solve the Problem that Sublimation Transfer Paper Dries Too Slow?

When you use sublimation paper, you may encounter this question- Why the sublimation paper dries too slow? There are many reasons that cause the sublimation paper dries slow. Today, we will make a brief analysis on it.

With the development of high speed machine, like EPSON, MIMAKI and MUTOH. The traditional sublimation transfer paper are updating to fast dry too. If the paper dries too slowly, it will influence the production badly, so now, the fast dry sublimation paper already replaced the traditional sublimation paper. But still many clients meet the problem with the drying speed. There are many factors as the below information:

sublimation paper

The drying time is related with the printing temperature and the relative humidity, sublimation papernormally the recommended printing temperature is 25℃ (77℉). And relative humidity is 53%.

If the temperature is below 25℃ (77℉) , there’s no enough heat for the paper to dry very fast. On the other hand, if the relative humidity is higher than 53%, which means there are too much moisture in the air, it’s like in the raining days, the clothes always dry very slowly.

When you meet with those two problem, one extra heat drier or dehumidifier will help you solve the problem very easily.

Most of the new printers, like EPSON, it has a build-in drier in the printer itself, if you are still using the old machine (plotter), it’s better to set up an extra heat drier, or update your machine into the new one. Buy a new machines seems rather expensive, but in a long way, it will solve more problems and save your cost.

sublimation printing

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Common Ink Cartridge Problems of Epson Large Format Printers

1. Why can’t I recognize after inserting the ink cartridge?

1) First check that the ink cartridge is inserted into the right place. After confirming that the ink cartridge is in position, press down the blue ink lock lever.

2) Then, look at the Epson inkjet printer’s control panel. At this point, press the PAUSE button on the panel. The LCD panel will display PLEASE WAIT and start identifying the cartridge.

Epson large format printer

In this process, there are the following points:

A. When inserting the ink cartridge, pay attention to the display of the status of the ink cartridge on the panel. Before the ink cartridge is inserted, the display of the corresponding position should be a rectangular box with a slash in the middle; after the ink cartridge is inserted, the slash should disappear immediately if it is oblique. The bar still exists after the cartridge is inserted, and there is a high possibility that the machine has a problem.

B. After inserting all the ink cartridges, the slashes are no longer displayed. At this time, press the PAUSE key. If there is no change in the panel reaction, there may be a problem with the ink cartridge. It is recommended to replace the ink cartridge test.

2. How to ensure that the ink cartridge is installed in place?

1) First confirm the specific printer model. When the early 7400 ink cartridges were used on the 7450, there would be cases where it would be necessary to forcefully push it into the ink tank to install it.

2) If you confirm that the machine model is 7400, there may be cases where the ink cartridge cannot be inserted properly. There may be a problem with the printer.

sublimation printing

3. How does the printer leak ink?

1) First turn off the printer and unplug the power plug

2) Then do the following checks:

A. check whether the waste ink tank is full, there is waste ink overflow caused by the phenomenon of ink leakage. If the waste ink tank overflows, clean the waste ink tank and the ink on the printer before inserting the waste ink tank back into use.

B. If some ink cartridge is found to have ink leakage, please remove the ink cartridge first and clean the machine and ink cartridge. Then replace the missing ink cartridge with the same color ink cartridge. Note that the ink cartridge must be inserted tightly. Observe that the position of the ink leak has changed due to the change in the position of the ink cartridge. If it changes, it is an ink cartridge problem. It is recommended to replace the ink cartridge; if there is no change, the machine is more likely to have problems, and you need to contact Epson official.

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Do You Recognize the Importance of Sublimation Ink for Digital Printing?

In inkjet digital printing consumables, sublimation ink is the main factor affecting the quality of inkjet printing, such as the use of undesirable ink, not only seriously affect the printing quality, but also cause damage to the machine. The quality of the ink can determine the quality of the image, but also determine the life of the nozzle. Ink can be called the whole system of blood, directly related to the quality of the entire print, it is the output image of the color truth, color performance, visual impact, fade resistance and even the printer’s life and the user’s physical and mental health and so on Have a direct impact. The printing requirements for the ink have the following:

sublimation ink

1. Color accurate, able to achieve the original color;
2. Ink particles fineness to fine, or easy to block ink head;
3. The price of sublimation printing ink should be low, otherwise affect the promotion and use of digital printing.

At present, digital inkjet printing is mainly in two ways, that is, based on high-precision nozzle YMCK inkjet printing (dot matrix), and the dye pre-mixed into a certain color and spray onto the fabric on the pre-mixed way. In order to obtain high sublimation ink precision and smooth light-colored transition colors when printing in the YMCK way, high resolution must be required, which requires a small fineness of the nozzles and a high demand for ink, Of the greater difficulty, but the use of the number of dyes relatively small, the basic color for the four-color. Dot matrix is widely used in the printing method, because the nozzle diameter is very small, high resolution printing, the ink viscosity, surface tension, inorganic salt content and dye particle fineness is very high.

sublimation printing

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