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inkjet sublimation paper

How About the Sublimation Paper & How To Use It?


When it comes to printing fabric, dye sublimation paper printing are unparalleled in efficiency, cost-savings, and in producing a beautiful finished product. There is no other one on the market that can do a one-off print of a photograph with stunning results at an affordable price. There are other methods, but these types only work with materials that have polymers in them.

inkjet sublimation paper

inkjet sublimation paper

How to use the sublimation paper

As mentioned above, you use the papers during the printing process. The process is divided into three steps: printing your image, transferring your image, and washing. You need to carefully follow the instructions and do all the right things to achieve perfect results. When printing your image, print on the bright white side of the paper. Also, remember to flip your image before undertaking the printing.

inkjet sublimation paper

digital sublimation paper

When transferring your image, remember to preheat your paper and place your image face down. To keep the paper at the right place, use a heat transfer tape. When it comes to washing, wash the paper with cold water. For best results, use a mild detergent. Avoid bleach or bleach alternatives as they can damage the paper.

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sublimation paper

How About the digital sublimation paper and usage ?



Digital sublimation paper is produced in various thicknesses and widths. Formed in two parts as base paper and coating on the surface. While the base paper carries the ink, chemical coating keeps the ink and allows it to dry on the surface. Good dry and good transfer efficiencies are two opposing parameters.

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

The sublimation paper unit is made up of three parts:

base paper, anti-curling coating, and ink-absorbing coating. The ink-absorbing coating is the functional layer. Its primary role is to hold the sublimation dye in place for the process to be a success. The coating contains filler that can be silica, clay, or calcium carbonate. The coating also contains binders such as latexes, polyvinyl alcohol, and acrylics. The quality of this layer significantly affects the ink absorption rate.

heat transfer paper

heat transfer paper

The sublimation paper usage:

A good sublimation transfer paper should provide the ink to dry on surface as soon as possible and also be able to transfer vast majority of the ink to the fabric.For a sublimation printing factory, image is everything in the sublimation industry. The quality of images, the accuracy of colour and the ability to rely on a business to deliver order after order, these are the things that distinguish product decorators in their markets.

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5 Reasons Why Print Head of Digital Printer Is Burnt

The print head is an indispensable carrier for digital printing production, but the operation is not good, the print head is easy to be burned, do you know why the digital printer print head is burnt?

digital printer

There are 5 reasons why the digital printing machine print head is burnt:

1. The static electricity is too high

Excessive static electricity can affect the printing effect. In severe cases, it can damage the circuit part of the printer. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, if the human body is too high, if you touch the print head directly, it will easily damage the circuit part of the print head. Therefore, not only the printer has a good and stable grounding, but also the operator is in contact with the machine and the print head. Be sure to do anti-static measures, such as with anti-static meters.

2. The positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed.

This kind of operation is illegal. During the operation, try to follow the standard operation, especially the print head of the wide-format digital printing machine. If it is not necessary, try not to insert or pull the circuit to avoid the positive and negative connection of the power supply. Reverse operation.

3. Staying in the “dry burning” state for a long time

If the print head of the digital printing machine is in a “dry burning” state for a long time, it is naturally easy to be burned.

4. The working voltage is too high

If the print head is operated under high load for a long time, it is easy to cause aging of the piezoelectric crystal, especially for the piezoelectric print head.

5. Strong corrosive ink or other liquid gets on the printed circuit board

How to get strong corrosive ink or other liquid on the circuit board of the print head can easily cause short circuit, especially solvent ink. Therefore, in the process of processing the print head, we need to pay special attention to not to blot the ink onto the data line interface of the print head, which is likely to cause a short circuit. In severe cases, the print head will be burnt.

The above 5 points are the reason why the digital printing print head is burned, I hope to help you digital printing practitioners. In the daily production of digital printing, everyone should pay more attention to the maintenance of the print head. If the print head is burned, there is usually no way to recover it. It can only be scrapped and replaced with the print head. This increases the production cost.

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