The Characteristic Of Sublimation Direct Inkjet Printer

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The Characteristic Of Sublimation Direct Inkjet Printer

Sublimation direct inkjet printer can produce double transparent banner, high-definition color banners and cloth printing, personality patterns, etc. Besides, what is the characteristic of the printer?

oric sublimation printer

The Characteristic Of Sublimation Direct Inkjet Printer?

1.  This printer can print width of 1.8 meters models.

2. Optional expansion function. Expect this, it can continuous printing smooth and not easy to wrinkle;

3. It not only can print flags and other fabrics, but also print sublimation paper. More importantly, it has a unique design of the pressure paper.

4. It uses the original Japanese Epson Tenth generation print head, this print head has longer life than the fifth generation print head. However, print speed increased by 20% or more.

sublimation printing

5. Inkjet printer can continuous work. In addition, the mechanical part of the more stable;

6. Direct inkjet printer can be printed directly through the double bunting (Chun Yafang), satin, silver carved cloth (satin cloth), mesh cloth and other materials. Meantime, sublimation ink printing, outdoor fade.


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