Choose Appropriate Sublimation Printing Paper Based on Your Sublimation Ink

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Choose Appropriate Sublimation Printing Paper Based on Your Sublimation Ink

Many friends spend a lot of money on sublimation printing paper. Today, we will give you some tips on choosing appropriate sublimation printing paper based on your sublimation ink to decrease the production cost. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

sublimation printing paper

1. Select the appropriate transfer paper weight according to the amount of ink loading:

Low ink ejection amount: For printing low ink content, 70g, 100g transfer paper should be choosed. As long as the ambient humidity control (air conditioning dehumidification or evaporation humidification) is between 40-60% RH, it can be printed smoothly.

High inkjet volume: For printing large areas of dark patterns, such as dark color block patterns, 120 grams of transfer paper should be choosed, and the ideal ambient humidity is between 60-70% RH. If the user only has 80g, 100g transfer paper, please be careful not to let the transfer paper get damp first. Secondly, please control the humidity of the printing room at 50% RH. If you do this, you can also transfer the paper with a low weight. Smoothly print high ink ejection patterns.

2. Select the appropriate transfer paper weight according to the relative humidity of the printing environment:

Low humidity: Printing under humidity less than 45% RH (no humidification equipment), 80 grams paper should be choosed. Because in a low-humidity environment, the paper shrinks and the entire printing surface is arched upward, and the absorption of ink wrinkles becomes more noticeable during printing, which is relatively stiff for 120 g, 100 g transfer paper. The arch is easy to rub onto the nozzle. The 80 g transfer paper is thin and flexible, which can alleviate the degree of arching and is more easily absorbed by the suction table of the printer without being too arched.

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High humidity: Printing in a humidity higher than 70% RH environment (no dehumidification equipment in the printing room), 120 g transfer paper should be choosed. Because in high humidity environment, the paper will absorb moisture immediately, causing the paper to become soft and the stiffness will decrease, and the paper will slowly elongate. Therefore, during the printing, the paper exit shaft will slowly arch up on both sides, passing the pickup roller. The ribs will be pulled out to wipe the nozzle. Because 100 grams, 80 grams of paper in the high humidity environment is not stiff enough, so it will print difficult, 120 grams of paper is relatively stiff, in the case of high humidity, the back is not easy to arch. Even if it is a little arched, the pickup roller will not pull out the ribs and print smoothly.

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