How To Choose Different Grams Sublimation Transfer Paper?

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How To Choose Different Grams Sublimation Transfer Paper?

How To Choose Different Grams Sublimation Transfer Paper?

light weight sub paper

Firstly, as a professional sublimation transfer paper manufacturer for nearly 9 years, nowadays, our factory six production line to supply sublimation transfer paper. for function, we mainly divide sublimation paper into two type: fast dry sublimation transfer paper and sticky/adhesive sublimation paper. for weight, we alos have two type: low weight sublimation paper(30gsm~75gsm) and high weight sublimation paper(80gsm~120gsm).

In the market, we usually can find 100gsm , 80gsm and 60gsm sublimation paper. but which one are more suit to your production? What ‘s the different with them?
100gsm sublimation paper suit to textile which requires a lot of sublimation ink. For example ,print a large area of dark color. You need to choose 100gsm. Because 100gsm paper are more thickness. It can absorb more ink and it wont shrink.

dye sublimation paper

80gsm sublimation paper suit to light image printing. Because 80gsm paper are thinner than 100gsm paper . If your image need too much more ink, 80gsm paper will shrink . Meanwhile you need to control the humidity in 40%-60%. In this way, your paper wont Wrinkling.
60gsm sublimation paper suit to high speed machine. Like MS , DGI, REGGIANI, D.gen printer.

If your fabric is elastic. Sticky sublimation paper is your best choice. At present, 100gsm sticky paper is the most popular in the market. Sticky paper can avoid double printing image on the fabric.

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