How to Choose Different Sticky Degree Sublimation Paper?

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How to Choose Different Sticky Degree Sublimation Paper?

Except the problem of choosing sticky sublimation paper or non-sticky sublimation paper, another problem we would meet is the sticky degree of the paper. Before there’s only one type of sticky paper in the market, but now, we have several types, the high sticky, medium sticky and low sticky. Under which condition should you choose different sticky degree ?

First is the high sticky, if your flexible fabric is smooth, like sportswear, swimwear, use high sticky sublimation paper, because it is not easy to stick on the smooth surface, so only with high stickness could it stick to the fabrics.

Second is medium sticky, if your flexible fabric has brush, like towels, blankets, the paper is very easy to stick with them, you’d better choose medium sticky.

Third is when your fabric is very thick, use high sticky. Our customers shared their experience of sticky material transfer with us, while you are transfer very thick material, like towels, you’d better use flat bed heat press, because if the fabric is too thick ,the blanket of the heat press could not provide enough strength to control the fabric and paper, then during the transfer, it’s very easy to have stripes and creases.

So if you should use sticky paper or not, or use paper with high sticky or medium sticky or low sticky, consult your paper supplier, get a sample of each one , test them with your unique equipment, and then make the final decision. Only testing tells you the truth.

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