Why We Choose Eco-solvent Ink ?

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Why We Choose Eco-solvent Ink ?

   Eco-solvent ink becomes more and more popular in indoor and outdoor printing. What makes it so popular? The answer is easy to find.eco-solvent ink

   First, compared with solvent ink, the biggest advantage of eco-solvent ink is environment-friendly. The eco-solvent ink reduces the volatile VOC , stop using many toxic organic solvents . And in the production workshop of eco-solvent printer, no longer need ventilation device.eco-solvent printing

   Compared with water-based ink, eco-solvent ink keep the advantages of high accuracy of the water-based ink. At the same time, it overcomes many difficulties in water-based ink printing. For example, eco-solvent ink can print on more substrates and can be kept on the outside for a long time.

   And eco-solvent ink has many advantages:
   1. Environmental-friendly and safe, low odor, passed the ROHS certification standards.
   2. Good media adaptation, good tinting and high gloss.
   3. Vivid color, wide color gamut, print products with more than 1 year weatherability.
   4. With good stable storage stability.eco-solvent printing

   So, do you know why eco-solvent ink becomes more and more popular now?

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