How to Choose the Sublimation Ink Correctly

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How to Choose the Sublimation Ink Correctly

Many of our friends mentioned sublimation ink in the industry. That’s because the ink is blocking the nozzle, or the ink quality is not good then leading to the unsatisfied printed result. Today, we will give you several tips to choose the sublimation ink correctly.

1.Reduction rate

Sublimation inks transfer the image to the product primarily through sublimation, so the reduction of color is important. The reduction rate of the general imported ink can reach 90%. Basically, the image on the thermal transfer paper after transfer is close to white. So the color saturation of the image is great, and the color is brighter.

solvent ink

2.Particle size

The large-grained sublimation ink will easily cause the printer to plug the head, and the product image produced is not delicate enough. When viewed with a magnifying glass, we can see clearly the particles. In general, the domestically produced sublimation ink particles will be larger than the imported ones. It results in the printer not being able to read through and transfer the images sufficiently.

3.Color purity

This problem should be something that everyone often encounters. Some poorly sublimated ink blacks are somewhat reddish purple. For the thermal transfer ink, the black ink is the easiest color. So when you select it, you can first print a black color block to see if the color is black after transfer. This is also an important indicator that most directly distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of heat transfer sublimation inks.

eco-solvent ink

4.The price

Heat transfer consumables inks are divided into three categories. One is domestic ink, one is imported ink, and one is domestic production of imported materials. Imported thermal transfer inks are incomparable in terms of color reproduction rate and saturation and fineness. The only advantage of domestic dye sublimation inks is lower price. So it can meet some customers who are not very demanding on product quality.

The four above are basic tips for choosing sublimation inks.We believe that you will be able to choose good quality inks that are effective.

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