How To choose Sublimation paper printed Side?

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How To choose Sublimation paper printed Side?

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How To choose Sublimation paper printed Side?

In the digital printing trade, every day, I encountered little issues within the kind and kind. Today, many friends asked concerning the printing surface of the sublimation paper. Fei Chinese tells you the way to spot the printing surface of the sublimation paper.

Tip 1: Common discrimination

The following picture:

transfer paper     After unpacking, take away the sublimation paper and take out the incision sticker. the traditional written surface of our paper is clearly marked on the map. Of course, some makers can paint on the rear. it’s explicit here that the print aspect of all SKYIMAGE sublimation transfer papers area unit on the front as shown.

Tip 2: skilled Discrimination

Picture A:

sublimation paper roll

Tip: Hold the paper with 2 fingers and squeeze it along with your fingers within the direction of the arrow.

Picture B:

heat transfer sublimation paper

As shown within the figure, once the 2 fingers area unit free, you may see the modification between the 2 fingers. The written surface of the sublimation paper can continue the index, that is that the printing surface as a result of our coating is sewed the print. On the surface, the print surface is going to be sticky.

This technique is that the same whether or not the print aspect is on the front or the rear, and also the aspect of the paper that sticks to the finger is that the print aspect. It’s that straightforward, I hope you may be higher able to determine the printing skills of dye sublimation paper.

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