How To Choose Suitable Adhesive Degree Sticky Sublimation Paper?

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How To Choose Suitable Adhesive Degree Sticky Sublimation Paper?

Sticky sublimation paper for elastic fabrics, generally used for sportswear, swimwear, yoga clothes, mountaineering suits and so on with elastic fabric.

Sticky sublimation transfer paper is specially developed for thermal fabric sublimation transfer printing. Adhesive paper is added with binder in the coating. The transfer paper coating can be bonded to the fabric during thermal transfer to avoid heat Transfer of paper and fabric slip and the emergence of the “eye socket” “ghost” and other printed defects.

sticky sublimation paper

High-quality sticky sublimation paper can bring high-quality products, then how to judge the quality of viscous sublimation paper? Mainly from the following three points to judge.

1.The base paper on the fabric starts falling off when you hold the paper up, and you shake the fabric a little. The base paper just fall off, that is the low sticky type.

2.For the medium-sticky type, you can see the electrodes starts falling off after shaking, but it still stick on the fabric.

tacky sublimation paper

3.For fully sticky type, no matter how hard you shake the fabric, the base paper still stick firmly on the fabric even the edges. And when you try to peel the base paper off the fabric, you can see the fabric is a little Stretching.

From the above three points can be seen tacky sublimation paper is divided into three different grades, you can according to their own needs to choose different degrees of sticky sublimation paper.

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