Cleaning Ability is Also a Standard for Inkjet Printer Performance Evaluation

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Cleaning Ability is Also a Standard for Inkjet Printer Performance Evaluation

Usually, when users use inkjet printers, especially outdoor models, they often carry out nozzle cleaning. Why do we need to clean them? In fact, the cleaning of the inkjet printer nozzle is inseparable from its ability to map. Nowadays, inkjet printers in the market generally use split-type ink cartridges. The interface between the nozzle and
clean the inkjet printerthe ink bag is easy to enter the air, and the nozzle hole is very small. So the air is easy to block the nozzle after entering and then the ink cannot be unblocked. It is easy to cause our common disconnection and blockage. In the case of the oil-based ink used in the outdoor model, if it doesn’t clean the nozzle after printing, the ink will easily condense into granular impurities on the surface after drying. It is very easy to form a blockage phenomenon. Once the nozzle disconnection and clogging happen, the printed image is completely unusable. So we say that the cleaning ability of the inkjet printer nozzle is closely related to its printing ability.

The inkjet printer that we use now is usually equipped with ink stacks under the nozzle. The ink stack is generally kept moist to maintain the normal printing of the inkjet printer nozzle. It can keep the inkjet printer to stay on the top of the ink stack inkjet printer cleaningand keep the nozzle surface moist. This can avoid condensation of the ink on the surface of the nozzle. On the left side of the ink stack, the inkjet printer is generally equipped with a plastic nozzle blade. During the process of moving the nozzle back and forth, it can scrape out the excess ink on the surface of the nozzle to avoid the leakage of excess ink in the printing process. On the left side of the nozzle blade, the flashing pad is equipped with the machine. The inkjet printer user can set the flashing cycle of the nozzle. After the ink truck works for a certain period of time, it will automatically stop at the flashing pad position and spray a little ink out of the nozzle. This can effectively avoid the phenomenon of clogging the nozzle hole due to condensation of ink impurities.

Every inkjet printer user wants their machine to work efficiently. It is best not to have nozzle clogging. The inkjet printer has a high value. Once it is damaged, the loss of the user is very large. And it will also affect the efficiency of inkjet printers. So users must choose a model with good cleaning ability when replacing or selecting inkjet printers.

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