Inkjet Sublimation Printer Classification In Clothing

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Inkjet Sublimation Printer Classification In Clothing

what is the inkjet SUBLIMATION printer

inkjet sublimation printer

Inkjet sublimation printer works is the first nozzle into the ink inside, then, print head equipped with a piezoelectric crystal up and down. When the piezoelectric crystal received a print signal will produce deformation, meantime, the ink becomes a pattern on the fabric.

Inkjet SUBLIMATION printer with what ink

Inkjet printers use pigment inks. in addition, this ink needs to meet the following conditions.

sublimation ink

1. Bright colors and strong adhesion.

2. Good viscosity and conductivity

3. Not easy to plug the nozzle

4. Easy to dry and long-term storage

Due to inkjet printers vary in style, so we recommend our own brand. Oric direct textile sublimation printer,  this printer can enter the clothes continuously. Except this, this printer suitable high-volume garment production. Generally, it has some advantages.

1. In line with manual screen printing habits

2. This printer is very efficient and does not work for 24 hours

3. It maximizes resource savings and increases productivity.

4. this printer has wide application, it can apply in clothing, T-shirt, hat, sneakers and etc.

sublimation printing


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