When We Print The Picture, Choose Color Printing or Black And White Printing?

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When We Print The Picture, Choose Color Printing or Black And White Printing?

Color printing and black and white printing are two common printing methods in our daily life. Color printing is beautiful, but expensive. Black and white printing, although printed out of quality is not very good, but better than cheap.
So what kind of print is better when we print?

color printing

When choosing a large format printer, one of the basic aspects you consider is whether to buy a printer that can print in color or a printer that prints in black & white. It may seem a straightforward choice, but even here there are issues to consider.

For example a color large format printer can print in black & white for approximately the same cost as a monochrome printer especially at lower print volumes.

Why is it important?

The choice between black & white or color has consequences for how your users will actually use the printer. Analyzing what you need based on the type of print jobs. You do will help determine which is the most cost effective.


The choice between a color and/or black & white large format printer is usually driven by how you expect to use the machine.

  • Output: if you are printing posters, photos, technical documents, drawings or presentations, you will most likely choose color.
  • Productivity: speed might force you to prefer black & white. A black & white printer generally performs faster.
  • Print robustness: if your prints or copies are used outside on a construction site for example, you need these prints to be waterproof. You don’t want to see how the rain ruins your technical drawings. Prints made on black & white large format printers will provide this. Some color printers offer a solution as well. Color printers based on color toner, pigment ink or color printers that can print on special (waterproof) media will also suffice.
  • Handling print costs: consider the following:
  • The cost of printing a black & white print on a color printer is approximately the same as on a black & white printer when your monthly print volume is low.
  • If users start printing potentially expensive color prints because a color printer is at their disposal, managing print costs will be difficult.

color digital printing


Choosing a color and/or a black & white large format printer mostly depends on what you expect your output to be, what print speed and print robustness you need. And last but not least consider, given the above, what is most cost effective for you.



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