The Common Misunderstandings in the Maintenance of Inkjet Printer Components

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The Common Misunderstandings in the Maintenance of Inkjet Printer Components

Inkjet printer is a relatively large-scale printing equipment, and it has many parts. So the partner who just came into contact may not know much about it and there will be some misunderstandings. The common misunderstandings of inkjet printers are as follows:

1. Ink cartridges can be used as long as they are not broken.

The sponge in the ink cartridge has a certain life span. When the sponge repeatedly repeats the process of “absorbing and releasing” the ink or after using it for a certain ink cartridgeperiod of time, the ink absorption capacity of the sponge will be reduced.

In addition, no matter how good the ink is filled, some impurities or dust are brought into the inside of the ink cartridge after multiple fillings. The dust will be carried to and adsorbed on the filter screen of the ink cartridge as the ink flows. As the dust increases, the filter screen of the ink cartridge will be clogged. This will cause the ink to flow poorly then cause the problems such as disconnection during printing. Therefore, the ink cartridge is not permanently used and needs to be replaced after a period of use.

2. The more times the print head is cleaned, the better.

TFP print headPrint head is the core component of an inkjet printer, so many people attach great importance to it and then frequently clean the nozzle. In fact, this is not true. As the saying goes, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Frequent cleaning of the print head may damage the print head. The cleaning frequency of the print head is recommended once a month. It can usually clean by the “automatic cleaning function” provided by the inkjet printer.

3. Inkjet printers do not need to do anti-static.

sublimation printingStatic electricity is a very common kind of scene in daily life. It can not be ignored that the damage of static electricity for the precision instruments. Many users don’t know enough about the harm of static electricity, and they don’t do well for anti-static work on inkjet printers. If the inkjet printer does not do anti-static protection, it may cause the print head to jet ink. It will affect the print quality of the inkjet printer. When the static electricity on the inkjet printer cannot be exported and accumulates too much, it may even damage the electronic components such as the print head and circuit.


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